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Welcome To The CPT Weight Loss Academy

Thanks for visiting the home page of the CPT weight loss academy, which can help you if you desire a memorable fun weight loss, exercise and coaching group experience, weather you are a male or female, experienced or inexperienced we have been getting clients just like you results.

The CPT weight loss academy group weight loss coaching experience is for people who want Personal Training results while working within a group for added motivation and fun, without the full expensive costs of Personal one too one training.

The six week experience on the CPT Weight loss academy is all about using science and evidence on nutrition and exercise too help deliver great results for you.

Whatever you have tried in the past that worked or never gave you the desired results I am sure that we can change your approach to training and nutrition that will make a difference to your health, energy, body composition, lifestyle and certainly boost your confidence, not only with your body image, but also with your mind-set and self esteem.

About Me

About Me

I have been engaging myself in changing people life’s for 27 years. I have worked at different levels of coaching, both in the Personal training industry and sporting Performance. Within this time I have studied extensively with some of the best educators in nutrition, exercise and mind set, and continually up-skilling and studying to bring cutting edge information to my clients as so enabling them to get better results.

I used to compete as a fighter, and used to be the stable mate and sparring partner to a former world champion and also a British champion.

In my spare time I like to spend time with family and socialise with friends. I like training and train using different methods to keep in shape and to be healthy.

I am an accomplished cook, and like cooking Caribbean cuisine and dishes.

It’s very important for me to be positive and confident on a day to day basis and try to help others become confident and feel the best they can.

Why the CPT Weight Loss Academy?

Why the CPT Weight Loss Academy

Let’s ask you a few questions, as there are a lot of reasons why the CPT Weight loss academy may be for you or not for you.

We take the approach that we meet you where you currently are and progress you from their regardless of your experience and past.

We are about outcomes, meaning that our main aim is to get you results, for me to help you with this I need truth and honesty from you “not excuses”.

You are involved in supervised motivating coaching sessions with other people like you to add to the fun and experience.

The CPT Weight loss journey is based on hard work, fun, challenge and motivation.

We deal with your Personal nutrition as opposed to generic information.

Our workouts are fun and something to look forward too.

Weekly monitoring over the six weeks to see what is happening.

Help with your mind-set and habits.

What is expected from you?

These are just some of the things that that are expected from you

  • You are expected to turn up for all the 8 sessions over the 6 weeks, however you can continue after the 6 weeks if you desire
  • The 2 weeks you are expected too under go, two weeks of online nutrition coaching
  • You are expected to change certain habits with food and exercise if need be
  • You are expected to change certain lifestyle habits very easy I’ll show you how
  • You are expected to try your very best, this is better than you currently are at the moment
  • You are expected to be in contact with me for support on a regular daily basis

Weekly Coaching CPT weight loss academy coaching sessions

You must attend two sessions a week to get results from your coaching sessions, these are as follows:

Tuesday 6pm-7pm and Saturday 9am-10am sometimes 2.30pm-3.30pm (CPT Group 1)
Wednesday 6pm-7pm and Friday 6pm-7pm (CPT Group 2)
Monday 6am-7am and Friday 6am-7am (CPT Group 3)

You have to be in either CPT Group 1, CPT Group 2 or CPT Group 3 and maintain these weekly sessions.

Sometimes we can be flexible on times enquire for more information for this.

Sessions are to be run consecutive and cannot be banked.

Each group is restricted to a maximum of 4 per group. This is to allow for a more personal experience.


The cost of the full 6 weeks including Personal group Training & coaching with nutritional coaching and constant support is £200 this includes anything additional and value given extra.

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