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Now the Reason the title says what it is certainly not a pitch too and get another client.
It’s just something that I was reasoning about the other day with a client who previously had a personal Trainer, got results initially, but then the results started to slow down in which this got a little harder for her. She got de-motivated, and dropped out for a while, one of the reasons I blamed the previous trainer was his lack of vision on progressing the Client onto a different level of motivation.

So coming from a boxing background I told the said client, in the boxing arena that boxing contests are put together in a lot of different ways, but the first thing is that both boxers have a certain limit on the weight they need to be, this called a “weight class” so from “Straw weight up to Heavyweight” is the Categories.

So it’s not unusual for a boxer that is not on a training camp to be 8-14 lbs above his fighting weight (Ricky Hatton not included here). Now the reason I say you should hire a boxing preparation or conditioning coach is for this reason.

It’s one thing just losing weight isn’t it, most people can do that, your average Joe, can starve himself/restrict calories to make the correct weight. But what I am saying is skilled and knowledgeable Coach who has good sound knowledge, who is very clued up on sporting science, physiology, and performance nutrition has to make sure his fighter is healthy, Fit, Strong, well rested in fighting condition to be able to give as well as take punishment for 3-6-8-10 or even 12 rounds depending on what stage of their career they are at, and more importantly before their is any FIGHT or CONTEST make sure he makes the WEIGHT, because if he don’t make the weight, there will be no FIGHT then the Promoter is in trouble and the fighter won’t get paid, and probably paying punters will bring the building down. Years ago fighters would have the weigh in just before the fight, this changed to 24 hours (Today’s Situation) before a fight, due to a lot incidents in which fighters became dehydrated and under nourished just to make the weight then stepping into the ring feeling Weak, and in some cases fighters nearly dying.

So again getting back to the “nucks and crannies” it is no point me trying to make a heavy weight into a straw weight or a straw weight into a heavy weight due to genetics and other factors, but if you are looking at making a certain weight in your category (Even though you are not going to fight) and you would like to feel awesome healthy, strong, lean, well rested, and be able to have a good recovery time and raise your vitality for life get in contact with a Professional Boxing/conditioning coach e –mail 

Coach Martin Gooden

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