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Why I say Body Builders are Semi-Athletic!!!

Why I say Body-Builders are Semi-Athletic

Recently I called a Body-builder Semi-athletic, of which he said in his deep voice he is athletic. So I asked him what made him athletic. He said because “he lifts weights and he is strong” so was Tarzan. On observation of how he trains I knew why I said this to him (Hear what I ‘am Saying here I am not talking athletes that use weights as part of their Per iodised Training cycle) I get into banter and reasoning with other body builders over my Semi-Athletic statement and it’s not meant to offend but always does.

You see without getting to complex about this and sounding disrespectful, the art of Body Building is a very skilful art and takes a lot dedication & Knowledge to get that sculpted and Lean physique.  

In the Process of body building you are going to build muscle & get stronger, this will be the by product of lifting heavy weights and the correct lifestyle right? So you’ll agree with that. Ok let’s move on.

However what will change you from Semi-athletic to athletic in my eyes is the movements, that you do some of them complex and the amount of Fitness Components that you can do too, so answer this and again you may not want to be athletic, if not that’s cool, your Strong so your semi-athletic one of the Components of fitness & performance. Below are the current components of physical fitness and the chances are if you have most of these in a BAG your very athletic as simple as that.

  1. Cardiovascular fitness: This describes the body’s physical capacity to perform large muscle movement over a prolonged period of time. Large muscles are found in the legs, Back & trunk and are responsible for gross big movements. Cardiovascular fitness is also termed “Aerobic Fitness” and demands a Good strong heart muscle.  
  2. Muscular Strength: this describes the Maximum force that can be exerted by a muscle or groups against a resistance. The muscle is expected to exert the maximum force. Resistance of some kind is needed to train for muscular strength. Free weights and weights machines are commonly used to train for muscular strength.
  3. Muscular endurance: is defined as the capacity exert force repeatedly or to hold a fixed static contraction over time, there is no given optimal number of reps, sets, repetitions for building and getting good muscular endurance, at the end of a given time or set the muscles should feel very exhausted and fatigued
  4. Flexibility: this one is not so funny as this is probably the most neglected component of physical fitness, as most people may not want to do a pre-stretch or post stretch, I have again coached guys who cannot even touch their toes or rotate there upper torso with more than a 20 % flexibility. Let’s crack on, flexibility is defined as the ability to move joints through a normal range of motion. Having good flexibility is good for injury prevention & good movement patterns especially in sports. So in order to have good flexibility the joints, ligaments & tendons must be taken through their normal range of motion on a regular basis. There are different types of stretching the most common static stretching.
  5. Motor Skills: This is like as an example hand to eye coordination, the ability to co-ordinate these movements, at slow speeds and also fast speeds, again like a finely tuned musical orchestra. Good neuro-signal paths between Brain and body.   

Now even though you have people who train very athletic and are not involved in any sport, it’s the way how they train that will make them become very athletic, having big arms and doing Bench Pressing every session is not necessarily going to make you athletic, it will make you look anaesthetically good if you have good genetics too, but it won’t give you the Passport to perform athletically, you see you ask most Body builders to, do a few Cardio interval Sprints, without blowing out of their exhaust end,  ask most to Lift a heavy weight a few times, they will be able to do this, ask most body builders to do 50% of what they Bench Press for a minute, ask a Body builder to perform the most simplest of flexibility movements, and you know he might end up Screaming, or panting like a DOG, as he may not be able to do with ease.

What separates the semi-athletic to athletic is the movements, and the patterns and the ability for his body to work together as a finely tuned orchestra, most body building exercises are not very complex, and are simple movement patterns. But watch an Athlete train in a gym, you may see him doing movements to build his strength or mass again depending on his sport and the Phase of training he is on, also you may see him doing some movements where you might think, that is not doing anything for him, but it may involve most of the Components of fitness & be very complex movements and not excluding any, as opposed to just lifting big heavy weights without the rest of the components included, then when called upon to do a movement with a mixture of the components of fitness the body struggles.

So that’s why I call Body Builders Semi-Athletic they train to have big muscles and look good anaesthetically and are maybe strong, But cannot be called athletes as most don’t have all the components of Fitness. Are you Semi-athletic or Athletic?

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Coach Martin Gooden





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