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Why I tell my New un-conditioned Clients once a Week

Why I Tell Un-conditioned New Clients Once a Week  

This might come as a bit of a shock too some Personal trainers, but hey they do what they do their way and I do my Coaching mine. Now when I speak here I am not on about the clients that I know who a Boxers that I can Push on their Hard Phase of training, or the guys I know have been Training for Years and like it HARDCORE with results of course, but I am talking about the type of client that I get that has not been training for YEARS if they have ever trained at all. So let’s be REAL HERE, How would you Feel. First it may have took you time to bring yourself to HIRE a Coach or Personal Trainer, and the thought of some Confident frigger who looks lean, Pushing you to the Point of humiliation, and barking orders and when you say it’s TOO MUCH, they say WHAT, keep going “what do you think this is” Not nice is it?, but the Best is yet to come, the next day you cannot move, as the Pain kicks in, oh that’s the next day, never mind the day after, the day after BIG UNCLE DOMS DAY, the height of Pain that can last up to a week, yes a week No Lie, Your Body Feels like Crap, if you are NOT Mentally strong, or you have a WEAK WHY (PURPOSE) then you will quit in your pursuit of changing shape and increased fitness at the First Hurdle. So What I normally do with new clients who are well out of condition in the first three weeks, I say I will only train you once a week, Not twice or three times, even though just like the other day I had a new female who wanted me to  train her 5 times a week, and when I told her NO, she said but you can Make some serious money from me, I still told her this way or No way, as her body would have at first hand felt like a locomotive Train had HIT her, What’s the point when I am trying to think about her making a Lifestyle change, not a “Quick Sprint”.

Do you know what Chemical reactions go on, when you are out of condition and your body get’s a big Physical exercise HIT, without being too “GeekyHormonally your emotions can take a bash too, as you may not see no end to the feelings, After three weeks and I know that if the client wants more sessions, and their body is starting to adapt to the work load, then we can increase to have more sessions in a week, and either split the routine if its Resistance based or if its Boxing then increased workload and mental stimulus for the client.

It’s one sure way to make your new client break into their new future workload you will be giving them, also it builds confidence in THEM, as remember the idea is to make new clients depending on their mind set to feel awesome about them-self as well as for them to feel that your awesome NOT to Fear you, YOU GET ME NOW? Now WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW. 

Coach Martin “Once a Week Newbie” Gooden

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