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What you selling ?

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You might think, what is that title all about? got nothing to sell, and I understand why you might think that way. But What i am getting at is the people that really would like to better themselves and better their lifestyle and I guess the things that making money can give them and what it can do to help those around them.

I write this blog post as recently a middle aged man, told me while in conversation that he would like too travel, buy a house, as he was fed up living in his council flat. So one of the questions I asked him was. What does he currently do and what does he think he needs to do to get the things that he believes he deserves and the things that he wanted from his life that can realistically get from hard work and his efforts.

He paused and thought about the question I had asked him. One thing he said was that he had NOT worked for 3 years for fear of losing his benefits and his valuable time, as he called it watching the television.

I said you have nothing that’s attractive to a future employer, and you don’t have the energy or umphhhhhhoooooof to get out to do things from your very own talents, in fact he admitted that he had little skills that would help him lead a lifestyle that he really wanted.

So the question I will ask you, and just like most things it’s about choice, of what you would like?
And what you want and positioning yourself into a position to be a success, and maybe what sacrifices you are willing to make to put yourself in this position.

So if you have no skills, then you might find it harder, you might have to actually, study to put yourself into a position to be employable or even where you can do your own thing, yes earn your own dough, which always seems to have appeal too most people.

You see most things that you do, has to appeal to someone, weather you want something or if you are marketing something or if you are selling something or running a service, it has to have appeal. It’s fair to say NO appeal no sell, you will have a below par lifestyle, remember what i said earlier it’s about choice. Have something to offer and you will have more opportunities, have something to sell that the public are interested in or know that will better their life or solve their problems then you are going to have a super-sonic, fantastic and a lifestyle that most will envy you for, because it might be what they desire.

So all in all it’s no use complaining, no use blaming everything and everybody else, you have the opportunity to make a change, and mainly this change has to start in your head.

So the question I ask you have you got anything to sell that is the solution to people’s problems?

Coach Martin Gooden

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