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The Pro's and Cons of past and Modern school Physical fitness




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The changing face of School Physical Fitness

This swift article has been put together by a school Physical education teacher Martyn Smalls who works in one of the UK’s most improved schools and is among highest achieving schools in the UK, Now called Nottingham Academy not bad for a school that is from a quite rough inner city, (oh I used to go their when it was Greenwood Dale Comprehensive even though I believe that education is not the be all and end all, as some kids don’t have a head for English, maths and science. It might be a case of finding something your good THEN Excell. So Mr Smalls has given us a quick Pros and cons on the changing face of physical education.  




  1. Pupils are now entitled to 2 hours PE per week
  1. Although 2 hour PE should be given to pupils each week some schools do not follow this government requirement.
  1. There is now a wider range of activities for pupils to participate in as part of the PE Curriculum. These include yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Aerobics, and Street Hockey.
  1. With health and safety now a big issue in schools, pupils can no longer be taken off site during a PE lesson without large amounts of paper work and risk assessments being carried out. To just take pupils off site for things like cross country runs are no longer allowed.
  1. There are in many cases much better PE facilities both indoor and outdoor at many schools.
  1. On the whole Pupils basic fitness levels have declined due to the hours spent by teenagers watching TV and playing computer games.
  1. Through the school and local community’s pupils have the chance to participate in a variety of out of the school sporting activities
  1. Due to PE teachers now teaching PE theory lessons and having more marking and paper work, not as much time is now available for them to carry out extra-curricular activities.


It seems like Generation X is in a different place to the Generations before them, and it’s sometimes hard to tell them how it used to be or may be how it should, we are living in very suspicious times, and in high levels of Health and safety, this is kind of making most of our generation very un healthy.

So there you have it from a PE teacher who is in the school education system trenches who knows how it used to be back in the day.    


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