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# 3 The Big importance of Sleep and the Benefits for health & Athletic Performance CPT Podcast with Coach Martin Gooden

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Now one of things that we all have to done, you are weather young or old, rich or poor is sleep, now how you value the importance will be different across populations and also will be different according to lifestyles.

In the CPT Podcast with Martin Gooden he will let you know the importance of Sleep when you are looking for weight loss, Performance and for muscle building.

Also what else is covered in the Podcast is the 7 things that will stop you from getting a good night’s sleep and how lack of sleep is the cause of the highest accidents.

Also What I used to do with a Professional Boxer I used to coach to make sure he got to sleep

So just Press play and listen what I have got to say.

And remember always add good sleep and supplemental sleep as part of the pieces for your overall health.

Coach Martin Gooden  

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