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Round one Motivation Monday 19th November

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Every week I am going to be doing a short motivational video, this is going to be called my weekly round one, at the end of the day the fight starts from the first round, just like the week generally starts on Monday, so sit back please play and feel free to share with someone else.

I used to manage a team of gym instructors and Personal Trainers for a major fitness chain in the UK, they drilled into our heads “Mickey mouse never has a bad day” damm they were so wrong, he must have done, just that those visitors at Walt Disney never seen him in his struggles.

Come on now in a average year we all go through our struggles, these can include:
  • Relationships problems,
  • Family problems,
  • Family or friend bereavements,
  • Loss of a job
    For some people, work stress, lack of financial funds I really could go on.

So if you think that in your life you are not going to have your bad days, weeks or months, then trust me you will, and also I tell you this time will HEAL it give you great strength.

So take your bad days as its normal and often for some and less often for others, but they are coming just like how a Boxer knows he will be taking a Punch in the face.

And when it happens and you feel like shit, have no energy, or just don’t feel like you have the fight in you for that time or for that month, HEY its life and its normal forget that “Mickey mouse” bravado crap, it’s part of your life’s journey which then becomes your experience. Anyway Press Play and listen to this week’s round one.

See you next week right here next Monday 26th of November for the next motivational Round one video clip from Coach Martin Gooden.

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