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I was so happy this morning as I again received another phone call from some internet company, who were promising me the earth, the stars and the universe. I get no end of these all the way through the year, mainly around the ending of the financial year. The conversation normally starts like this:

  • We have one Space left for a Personal Trainer in your area
  • Have you got any more hours that you can take on  more clients and business
  • Would you like to have more enquiries and more Google web presence
  • We only have a hour to fill the space, or it will be gone to a competitor
  • I used to be in the fitness industry, but came out as my Mrs got jealous of my clients


Trust me when I say this, it gets on my Pectorals, all of these companies are the best, and can get you on the first page of Google in 48 hours Right. I know other trainers in the UK that also get these calls and have been ripped off, not by scams, but by what I call incomplete work.  I personally parted with my hard earned cash a few years ago roughly £1,200 in total, for something this internet Marketing Company never delivered, and I’ll be honest if it wasn’t for the fact that I cannot afford to get a Criminal record and don’t want to serve at her majesty’s pleasure kept the peace and decided to turn negative into Positive and do a few things this was


  • Read every internet marketing book going and listen a lot of audio CD’s.
  • Went on more than a few marketing courses not fitness, but marketing
  • Spent more time with my web developer, he is Awesome
  • Questioned the guys who actually do well at it


You see the idea for me was not to be as good as these guys, but just be able to understand what they do when they say they can do this and to understand the Jargon, so they cannot give me no Bullshit or pull faces on the other end of the Telephone line. If i have 30% of knowledge of what they are talking about, then at least I can understand them. Ok some companies deliver sure they do but NOT THE ONES I DEALT WITH, I should name them but this is not Professional.So what’s now changed, I have a much better UNDERSTANDING of Marketing and the process of what these guys do.  So this morning when one of these companies had the cheek to call back looking for repeat Business. I listened to what they said they can do once again, I even spoke with the boss, they must have thought here is another repeat customer, so I started to ask the questions now, and guess what they could not answer, some of the technical internet stuff that I now know that I didn’t know before, and you know what it felt good. Whether you are a Trainer or not my advice to you is to find out what you want for your business, do your research, seek out guys who can do the work, you will have to come up with your process of finding trust with these guys, Past clients is always a good one, i.e get their details and speak with them. Questions like:


  • How efficient were these guys or the company
  • How was the service after care
  • Did they deliver i.e get you more business, page one of Google etc
  • Did the results of their work, get you more business through their Marketing


The Questions are endless, the other thing I would advise is ask them if they can be paid when the work is complete and they have promised on what they reckon they can deliver. If they are so cock sure they will.

So that was my wake-up call trust me when I say never again.  

Coach Martin Gooden

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