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My 10 Worst Clients to work with

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It does not happen very often but over the years every now and then you come across the client from Hell, you know the one that makes you want to punch holes in the wall, you know the one that is so annoying that in the end you have to refuse to coach them as values collide and it can have an effect on your mental health, it’s not all glitz and glamour, believe me, so go and make a cup of tea, get a few biscuits, switch off the TV and have a Good read.

1) The Client who wants’ change and expect things to change, but they are still not willing to embrace new changes from you, and are still doing the things that they were doing before they came and hired you, yeah kind of silly right, the dream body, the learning of a new skill, the bags of energy, won’t come unless you change some of your old habits into new ones, it’s that simple.

2) The Client that turns up late for sessions, making them not get the full scheduled time that you had planned for them, this is the time you get coached, so this is the time you turn up and make sure your ready, and don’t get “huffy” when you turn up ten minutes late, and the session finishes in 50 minutes time, I can and will understand turning up at the Dentist late, but not to get coached, YOU TURNED UP LATE, NOT ME.

3) I once had a customer who more or less would negotiate business deals while getting coached, first it would be “Martin can you look after my Phone” and when it rang it would break his chain of thought, and yes he had to answer it, and he could be on his phone for 10-20 minutes, when this happens a few times you have to be up front & tell them how you run your Business which didn’t go down well first, but after a few weeks he came back with a different attitude and kept his phone in his Car Boot while he was training with me.

4) Sometimes you come across some talented athletes both Professional & Amateur, who have bags of talent but either a bad work ethic or a bad attitude towards training, it’s annoying as with different mind-set they could be competing with the best on a different level.

5) Clients who just show up this is not being disrespectful, but showing up isn’t enough, we need a too put in the effort related to your Personal Fitness levels and maybe only for an hour too.

6) Clients that talk too much in between sets or movements, there is talking and there is talking I come up with an idea recently, that I used on my CPT weight loss academy and it worked well. I Coached them with a pair of headphones on, and told them any negative chat I don’t hear it, my headphones drowns out all this kind a stuff it seemed to work really well, it only works if you know your clients don’t try this method from the get go.

7) Ones that don’t make them self accountable to you, they hire you for a reason whatever the reason is, results to me is more important than the money, also let’s be honest, we are bombarded in magazines & online on information on nutrition, exercise, lifestyle & Mind-set, so you can read them and maybe get the information, But I am going to make you accountable, then you will see the magic Start to happen when you are willing to let this happen. 

8) The one’s that cancel sessions by slinging a text message as they have NOT got the balls to call you and cancel, yeah this one is annoying, have some balls on this one and call.

9) The Client that purchases a coaching Package that is time framed, but seem to want to Stretch it out, and NOT commit to the time frame, that originally was outlined and agreed

10) Finally the Client who Knows everything that you know, but yet they want you to help them, or the Client that has a mate, that always gives them advice for FREE, but YET they want to PAY you for your experience and knowledge, but yet are willing to listen to someone who isn’t involved in Nutrition, movement & exercise, other than maybe reading “Beef & Muscle and Fitness” over someone who does it day in day out, who has invested a lot of Money on their education to help the same person who “Doubts your knowledge” Spin the Barrel Play Russian roulette, I have methods that bring a “high Percentage” of results.

So If I am honest I could go on maybe up to 50 or May be 100, but no 10 is enough, I know may be a few Coaches and trainers are reading this that can relate to the above, You do have a choice to stamp it out, and tell your clients if you are not happy about it, as I am sure they tell you if they are NOT happy with something you do, coaching is a relationship with your Client, so let them know what you expect from them and what annoys you, then at least you both can kick on and move forward and work on positive outcomes Super Simple. Feel free to inbox me if you’re a trainer who has problems with your Clients and looking for a solution to the problem

Coach Martin Gooden             





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