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How To Eat anything you want without putting on weight if your over-weight



Well yes the title you heard very much right, I am not drunk while writing this Blog, but I put my solution down to basic mathematics and good old timing. Let’s be honest most people are not going to hold back opening their mouth to put a lot of the RICH HIGH CALORIED Foods and Drinking a lot of LIQUID SUGAR AKA ALCHOHOL or SUGARY Drinks or drinks in General, So If you are let’s try and find away if you are NOT bothered about your Health for a week, but are bothered about Jumping on the Scales and worrying about what the scales are saying, NOT that this is the way forward but People are still Transfixed on measuring their Progress this Way, so let’s take it that YOU ARE, Because if you are Pretty clued up, you won’t Judge it on this. So HOW the Hell can I Eat and Drink as much as I can without putting on Extra weight, ummmmm, Not a trick, as I said a little simple maths. If you are about a Stone two or three Stone over weight then you will find this work for you very well, if you are lean and Very athletic have a High Ratio of Muscle it won’t work. So let me Say we are a melting pot of different Processes and metabolic rates hormonal responses, ie People’s bodies are so different, that Generic does not work. So let me get back to how you can EAT & DRINK Anything over Christmas if you are overweight without putting on any more scale weight. So it’s Quite Simple and takes one-two weeks of good planning and a little bit of gym graft & a lot of Knowledge. So here goes, Hire a Fitness Professional or coach who has Good experience & Knowledge on Weight Loss/Fat loss and is Very clued up on Nutrition, make them know that you want to lose as much weight in a week or two as you can without them doing a Plan that Starves you of vital nutrients, also you what to feel energized fresh and good, and make them Know that Scale Weight & Reduction of Body Fat Mass will be Very important to you. Get them to do your Body Fat %, Scale Weight etc all the usual stuff that they are supposed to do. So this is the mark you will be working off. Get the same Coach to train you in a Gym for a Solid Week every day, using Weights Certain big movements and make sure they have variety, and mix this with Cardio, again your coach will decide if its steady state Cardio or Anaerobic interval, depending on a few different things, state of Fitness, time of Day plus other factors to maximize Fat Loss, if your coach is getting the nutrition right and Mixture of exercises right, You may ache But not feel like Shit. Also if the Coach gets the Maths right with your nutrition and Maths right from the Resistance Workouts, Bearing in mind that your body can & will become a 24 Hour a day Fat Burning Furnace providing your coach is Splitting the Muscle Groups so you are getting rested up, so after a Week or two of doing this with your Coach, Get them again to Do your scale Weight, Body Composition, etc and record what it is NOW, Hey Presto you could be well on your way to dropping a STONE in scale Weight, and Dropping 1-2 % Body Fat, GREAT RIGHT, so now you have Lost this bear in mind because you have been lifting Weights for a Week, your body Should be so metabolically Active, that you eating and drinking so much the week after, will not allow you to get back to the weight that you was when you contacted your Coach YOU GET ME? Plus you will find that something in your Brain Kicks in to do with Motivation (“I put in all this Friggin work”) that will not allow you to want to EAT what you wanted to eat before, YOU GET ME? So after the Week of Binge eating and drinking go back on the Scales again and tell me what you see, I must Say though your composition may have changed slightly, but I would very surprised if you HAVE put back on the Weight you started with, Remember if you are 1-2-3 Stone over weight then this will Work for you. Give it a go hire a Well Knowledgeable coach, and Put in the Work, so you can eat what you want for a week enjoy. All Said and done the Above is something that Will Work BUT I REPEAT BUT IS NOT SOMETHING I ADVOACATE LONG TERM, Thanks Guys

: - ) Coach Martin Gooden   

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