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Are we what we eat or what we Digest?

Are we what we eat or what we Digest?

We are what we digest?

A lot of People think eating healthy foods when they feel like it, will bring them the results that they want in a very short time, and is a brilliant thing in thought. The Ones that Normally are the Ones that get Good results are the ones, that make swift Changes or are very Consistant with their Nutritional choices, well lets tell you this if your Digestive system is not functioning very well, then the Nutrients that your body should take in from your healthy food choices will not be absorbed very well. Let’s go in this a little bit more.

Most Food that we eat contains a selection of nutrients Molecules are needed for building new body tissue, repairing damaged tissue and for ongoing chemical reactions that I hope the Body you look after needs. The main thing is good food is vital to your life and the Quality of your life isn’t it, let’s put it this way it’s the only source of energy that drives the Chemical reactions occurring every living cell of our healthy body if you look after yourself. Food we eat consists of molecules that are too large to be used by the cells, the foods we eat (or Yam if you’re a Jamaican), have to be broken down small enough for these molecules to enter the body cells, this process is known as Digestion, the passage of these smaller molecules through Cells lining the gut and intestines into the blood and is normally termed or known as absorption, it’s an army or (posse) of organs that perform these functions called the digestive system. Let’s take a step by step look at what happens when you eat a food.

  • Ingest Food: Take food in the mouth
  • Secrete Water, acid, buffers, enzymes into lumen of the GI Tract
  • Mixes and moves food through the GI Tract
  • Digests food (Breaks it down)
  • Absorbs digested stuff from the GI Tract into the blood and lymph
  • Eliminates feces (you know what this is Right?) from the GI Tract

So the ability of your Digestive system to Break down the food you eat and getting the Nutrients from these good foods into your Blood stream, to give your body the nutrients & health it deserves, you will also now know the importance of getting good “live” quality food down you to get quality nutrients in your blood stream, to give you awesome energy & health.

Coach Martin Gooden

Some of the above information I will go through in my next up and coming 1 hour Presentation “Simple cooks for leaner looks the Presentation”

Watch out for the date.


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