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Mouse On My Dashboard...

Boot Camp NottinghamI can remember three years ago my client name John, his wife and daughter were also clients of mine too, so I would always train his wife, then john and then his daughter. John liked to have a good laugh, (LOL) so when I trained John by all means he got the work done and we had some Very interesting conversations from A too Z of life and other bits and bobs.

One day I left my car unlocked inside the compound of Johns Mansion, John knew me and his dogs didn't get on, as I am not a "lover of em" if you look on my right side of my bum you will see the marks of a dog bite, that I got when I was 8 years of age.

So this particular day John had a nice smile on his face from the moment the Mansion gates opened, he came out and greeted me in, as he was the first to be trained, yes I put him through his paces, but this was nothing new, the banter was as normal, but I think it was the Joke I told to John while he hung upside down on his Inversion Machine for his bad back, was a bit too much (Laugh out loud), you see John had No Hair, so I could dig him with this all the time, as John head resembled a Grade A Egg, just the thing how john made his living hence his nickname the "Egg man". So my session with him ended with a smile and a handshake, I trained his lovely wife and Daughter too, three back too back sessions.

So when the final session was over I greeted them all off, jumped in the car and said "I would see them in two days time" John had a permanent smile on his face i noticed but this was John.

So I approached the gate of their mansion I noticed something that made me heart leap, jam the breaks and Jump out the Car in a instance, I can laugh now, but I was shitting myself, cause when I was training Johns wife and daughter, john must have thought "I'll fix him for mocking my hairstyle" and he did. He must have found a dead mouse, and knowing that I had kept my car door open he put the dead mouse on my Dashboard while I was in his Gym.

Boot Camp NottinghamHe went back to his CCTV room and watched me, jump out the car in shock, as he told me this, and yes he found it funny, so did I in the end.

Nice one "Egg man" you got me there for Real.

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