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James Degale Vs Chris Eubanks Junior who wins?

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So the retirement fight is on us tomorrow night, this is very much a fight that both are looking at winning for similar and different reasons. A lot has been said about Degales last few fights mainly very lacklustre performances from someone of his pedigree.

And for Eubanks junior who is yet to prove himself at world level, always getting too the tip of proving himself and then just not cutting it has he never proved against Billy Jo Saunders and George Groves.

So it has been deemed a 50/50 fight and this is exactly what it is.

Make no mistakes Degale is and has better pedigree and has done and been through this before, so it’s nothing new to him, is he motivated for this challenge?

So what’s in his favour, he has experience which out of the two cannot be measured (he has been there before and done it) He is a southpaw, which if you’re up against a good southpaw can be a nightmare, some fighters struggle with these guys. In the past he has been elusive, hard to pin down and hardtop plant shots on him.

What might be against him: is he motivated for this? as they say in boxing, being successful can steal your hunger to stay hungry. Age many a fighters have in one fight lost their ability to do what they had been able to do very well , their timing, their ability to through their combinations, their power of recovery in between rounds, and in due time some fighters have to change how their fight to compensate for the changes that age brings.

Looking at Eubanks junior I have always said that this guy can fight more than he can box. Which is probably why he has not achieved more as he certainly likes to go toe to toe, and brings a high intensity, but this is no use unless it is used in an educated way, throws combos, but who's economy of punches are high but tend to load up all the time, looking for the KO.

He got beat by Billy Jo Saunders (Southpaw btw) and groves one I thought he could have won if he didn’t decide he wanted to tear groves to pieces, so two things come to mind with he him, intensity and volume of work.

So what might let him down in this fight?

Wanting to do things his own way and NOT listening to his coach in between rounds, wanting to blaze out Degale with every punch that he throws, Boxing at long range allowing DG to get a good rhythm.


I think this will be a very tricky fight for Eubanks junior, especially if he is NOT willing to change anything that he has learnt from his previous fights especially his losses.

Degale has a much better Boxing IQ and is much more skilled than Eubanks junior, and if the Degale that fought Dirrell and Jack turns up he will certain school Eubanks Junior.

Degale does have a tendency to switch off sometimes during fights which would suit Eubanks junior providing that, he can make it pay off if Degale switches off.

I personally think that eubanks junior has to be in at range a lot with Degale, and not allow Degale to get into a rhythm and box at long.

I think it will be close and will suit Degale as the rounds go on, but I am going for Eubank Junior for this fight, he has been given many changes of which he never performed or cut it on the stage when he needed to, tonight I think he will just do enough to win.

Coach Martin Gooden

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