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It can happen to Anyone.....


Well isn’t it funny how the unfit and un-healthy species come out of there closet when something happens mysteriously to

  • A fit individual
  • A athlete takes sick or in worst case dies

Well if you have been living under a stone, you may not know, but on Saturday the 17th of March 2012 a incident happened at white Hart lane, as Tottenham took on Bolton, Bolton  player Fabrice muamba is believed to have had a cardiac arrest or a Heart attack, (for the sake of it we shall say a heart attack as there is a difference between this and a Cardiac arrest) It was not only a shock to the fans of football but also the top medics and surgeons who specialize in heart function cannot seem to explain what happened, You See Fabrice Muamba was a  

  • Young (only 23)
  • Fit
  • Trained and conditioned athlete

 In fact they reckon he was the fittest player in the senior team at Bolton Wanderers. I was listening Dion Dublin and Robbie Savage on Five Live Sport on the same day it happened as all the fans and cardiac experts called in to voice concern and their knowledge.

Well even the experts agreed and disagreed with each other.

Anybody can die just in a split second from a Heart attack NO matter how physically fit they are or how strong there heart is FACT, I am not a cardiac expert, far from it, but having been on a lot of very interesting courses, I know the heart has a lot of complex valves, walls, chambers and a PUMP, and you think a computer is complex?

But one outweighs the other. You stand less chance of Heart attack if you follow the government protocol of three times a week and eat a low fat diet, RIGHT? May be not so right, but these guide-lines are there for you if you

  • WISH to Follow them
  • WANT to live a better quality of life

Well let’s put it this way then, for those that still feel that all this exercise and healthy eating is a load of shite.

Person Number 1

Wakes up at 8am in the morning, has a nice fry up, you know the traditional English cooked breakfast washed down with some fizzy soda, goes to work, has chips and a Kit Kat for lunch, has another greasy burger sandwich. Work finishes jumps in his car goes straight home, has his greasy chips and dinner again, then if that’s not enough orders a KFC and watches news at ten with the remote in his hand, he suddenly feels pain in his chest, he is having a heart attack, sadly he dies from the massive heart attack over weight and un-healthy, Never had much quality of life.

Person Number 2

Always woke up at 7am to go for his morning workout, this was something he did 4 times a week, when he came in from his run his girlfriend would have a bowl of Quakers Oats porridge ready for him, he would always read for 10 minutes to get world news, out to the out-house to get his push bike ready to ride the 12 miles to work,  at mid-morning he would eat something healthy and low in unsaturated fats, and always have the right type of balanced foods with the right type of fluids,  he would always ride home, get in another workout then eat with his girlfriend and the kids, when this is over he and the kids would go for a ride to the park and he would nudge them on the swings, then he would go home bath the kids, read them a bed time story, and spend the last 30 minutes watching TV and chatting with the girlfriend. One night she kissed him good night and she went off to bed and left him on the settee sleeping in his sleep he had a heart attack and died, sad yes?


Oh before I sum this up, there is a 1 in 200,000 change of this happening to a healthy athlete or healthy person. So I came to the conclusion a while ago that it’s about a healthy Lifestyle, some things are beyond what experts & what man know.  As we all know the by- products of leading & living a healthy full life can be amazing. I would rather go to heaven knowing that I lived and also that I kept it healthy. As living a life of being sick and tired of being tired and sick is not for most people, but it is what most people in the UK and world settle for, as a result they are more likely to die from their lifestyle.

So it can happen to anyone, but more likely to happen to the un-healthy species and those that live a very bad lifestyle.

lets Pray for the recovery of Muamba

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