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It Bothers Me !!!!!

It Bothers me

I had a phone conversation this morning with a lady who evidently is full of excuses, now who am I to worry about another Persons desires when I have my own to deal with, but really but really it's quite sad, that some people lack vision, the vision of seeing themselves look better feel better, better thought processes, and able to enlighten and inspire other people with their change. It bothers me that people have not and are not giving life 100% of effort and energy, or giving their clients or their boss 100 % of their efforts! you only live once! and just too be old and say I didn't give life 100 %, is just like having a Bentley that has never been serviced, never had a oil change, and the spark plugs never been changed, which will mean it's not being driven at 100 % of its maximum. Just like how some people live there life, wanting to do things but putting it off every day, wanting to change things that they can, but not willing to step forward and start the journey, and are just living a mediocre life that they may not happy about, but at the same time are not willing to stick their neck out a little bit get uncomfortable a little bit and change it for the better. Let's be honest how many people do you know that moan about their weight & health? their marriage or relationship? their boss or employer? Their friggin life I am sure we all know someone like in fact this someone might be yoooooooooooooou tough love, it bothers me, that you are NOT willing to take action on change, mental blockage, something from the past hey, two comments that stick out in my head from Anthony Robbins & Les Brown are 'your past doesn't equal the future' someone else's opinion of you don't have to become your realty" if it's a mind-set that someone has instilled a negative opinion about your own-self great statements. And most people make excuses every day of their life, just like the woman who I spoke too this morning, full of excuses, just cannot make the start to push through for a break through it's quite sad that people are not trying to live life at their full potential, are not giving it 100 %, are not driving their body and mind fully serviced and tuned up, are not turning up and giving 100 % it bothers me that a lot of people could be champions of what they do, and what they want to do but are just not giving 100%, life sucks most of the time! but It would be better for it to sucks giving 100% towards your pursuits than 60% knowing that you never committed yourself fully if you committed yourself at all. So are you really bothered yourself about change for the better of yourself and those around you

Coach Martin Gooden   


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