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Pre season Football Training Who's Ready?

Pre-season Football Training

Is your Training right?


Well with football season more or less around the corner, you have probably seen some lads already hitting the Streets doing there un productive 6 mile runs, may be they had got so fed up at looking at their leather football boots.

Old habits seem to never change (I will explain this later) First a few things that some of these amateur /Semi-professional or even may be Professional Players should know about the season before and take note:

  1. If you were a potent goal scorer last season who had bags of speed and netted at least 25 goals but every time you got shoulder barged by a defender you either fell to the floor or did a 360 degree turn in this seasons pre-season it Would have been a good idea to do a phased Strength and conditioning program.


  1. If you had a good season as a defender but always seemed to be left for speed over 1 yards which may have cost you and your team goals, then maybe it would be a good idea to do speed, Quickness and explosive drills also again as part of a Strength and conditioning program.



  1. If you were  a centre-half who struggled in aerial battles in the air with the Striker again as you could not out jump him, may be a out of Season Plyometric  and strength and conditioning program will put you right for this season.


  1. If you were a midfield Player who struggled on your Fitness, strength, power and explosion, again a Phased Strength and conditioning program will have you sorted for this season.


  1. If you are a goalkeeper who struggled with his lateral side steps, and jumping and reflexes a Pre-season doing Functional, Speed, agility and quickness drills, and peripheral vision eye work., will help him ready for the up and coming season ahead.


If you monitor how much miles a Midfielder covers in football match its more than a Defender unless the opposition are crap and they are constantly under attack, Strikers in general will not cover the ground a midfielder covers, unless the team they are playing consistently under pressure.

So if you look at it like this on a Professional level these things get monitored, but on an amateur level things are generally the same.

It’s been proven that the Players energy systems are used slightly different depending on the Position they play, and the miles they cover depends, on the type of game they are in. So why we still having old habits and training methods, I can remember having a meeting Year’s ago with the then Fitness Coach at Forest, Peter Edwards who had also been at Arsenal and had worked and got experience in Italy with a Top Seria A team.

Outward Positions are trained different according to their Position, and their off season will be spent on a lifting phase to get the gains that the player may need in their game. So when you return to Pre-season you may not have even touched weights, which was once said to be a dumb thing to do and use in any sport, where you have to move fast or slow, how wrong they were, it’s a matter of how you use them, and for what reason and purpose. Oh I forget to cover this so doing a 6 miler is this a good thing? when the stats people analyse the movement patterns and energy systems used during a Football match, are as follows ATP-PC system which is used in a high short Sprint bursts, The anaerobic system for intermediate bursts of quite high energy output, then the Aerobic system which used for long efforts of low moderate intensity.

Football consists of short Sprints, Jogging, moderate paced running, walking and standing Still, therefore all three systems are used. Your position as an outfield player also will decide how much Running walking, sprinting you will do on the field of play, and how much your team are in control of the Football match.

I remember when I was employed by John Ramshaw at Hucknall Town Football club a semi-Professional outfit, before I got down to work I asked him what he normally had them doing the season before, and you got it “Long Runs” nothing wrong for improving your stamina, but it’s not what I would do more of personally at all.

So conclusion

  1.  Look at the energy systems footballers of your position use
  2. What are your Current Physical Strengths and weaknesses remember where you get knocked off the Park last season or did you win most of your Physical Battles on the Pitch with your marker, or the player you were supposed to mark?  Get advice from a Strength and conditioning coach to help you with your physical strength, go for someone who specializes in Football conditioning.
  3. Do your individual conditioning as well as conditioning with your team
  4. Pay attention to your nutrition as well as sleeping patterns, Half time coffees and a ¼ piece of Orange is now a thing of the past, things have moved on, again seek advice on this as this is a blog post, I would have to write a book to answer your questions on conditioning yourself for Football so guys do your research and find someone who can apply this knowledge to you.

Enjoy the New football season

Coach Martin Gooden

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