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Is your gym giving you a good gym experience?


My Perfect gym experience I had today, even though I was tired I went as I was really searching for some motivation, and I needed to take another step towards my health, fitness and well being goals.

Upon arrival of the gym, I was greeted by my surname from a smiling Receptionist who also asked a few questions, “Hi Mr Gooden how is you today? Did you have a good weekend also did you enjoy the social event that you were going to on Friday night” Wow she remembered our last conversation from 5 days before.

I decided I was going to have a hard workout today so:

Squats and Dead-lifts amongst of a few other compound exercises were top of my list.

As I was getting completing my first set, I could see a Trainer at the side of me again he addressed me as Mr Gooden, he said you are doing exceptionally well and I can see that you are progressing in strength, but I would just like to correct your

  • Feet & Technique

Once the trainer had showed me, I felt great that he had taken time out to correct me without being rude and unpleasant not like many Trainers from Hell.

I went through my workout like a knife through hot butter, and when I got to the end the Trainer, asked if I have the time for him to show me some stretches and also if he could show me any different body part exercises to add to my current program, I told him thanks, other members said hello and were very “down to earth”.

The changing rooms were very clean, had free shower gel and I seen no dirty hairs in the shower grates, they even had hot clean Towels for gym users to use, On my exit I was given another smile and asked if I was asked did I enjoy my workout, and when I answered then I was told see you later.

So When I thought my gym experience was awesome “I WOKE UP” Yes I guessed it was too true to be true in these modern times CHECK THE BELOW:

  • I think if it wasn’t for the fact that these gym owners know me for what I do, I don’t think they address their customers how they should be addressed. Come on Health club Front of house get this right it puts gym users in a good frame of mind try it.


  • This one is for the Trainers, if you see gym members/users using and doing exercises in a manner that is not correct, then by all means give them your help and your expertise, what do you think you get paid for, sometimes it’s not that these people won’t listen to you, but how you may have spoke to them, I know if I am lead to feel Patronised in any environment I will give you a “@uCK YOU” moment, so address with Respect, they may be old enough to be your grandparents so be careful what you say, this includes tone of voice and manner.


  • This one is for the health club/gym owners/Management, if it isn’t  good enough for YOU it surely won’t be good enough for your members and gym users, so empty post workout Protein bottles need to be put in the bins, energy bar snack wrappers, get the person responsible for this role to check the changing rooms, in doing this make sure the area is clean, enough shower gel is available, hairs are taken from the grates, and that the bogs are clean and the urinals are too. People normally moan with their mouths to others, and vote with their hands by leaving, I am sure you know how many people are told when they get a negative experience. So owners and Staff who work within the health clubs, Raise the standards and treat your members as a valuable commodity. Even if your members pay £10-£15 Per month.      

This is no Joke owners have to fix up and realise this customer service is probabley top of the list, and if your not getting this right your bottom line will and may suffer, give your members and clients a awesome experience.


Coach Martin Gooden

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