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Every so often I get enquires from young bucks and even old training old school warriors too who have an interest in what it does it take to become a Personal Trainer or even how do they become a gym instructor, other than stating the obvious of getting your Qualification(s), getting yourself insured. It doesn’t make sense telling you, that you can earn 25K-60K upon getting your qualification as some training Providers like to claim. I have yet to meet a trainer who has qualified and in his first year made that amount of money from out the traps, and even if they have made this amount of cash from the off well done its rare. So were shall we begin, ok let’s start here.

  1. Don’t do it for the Money: Because there is no Money in it at the bottom, you may struggle for a long time trying to make ends meet while trying to build your client base up, there is money in the middle, as you start to get established and know, that it’s a business, and you realising your value and your worth, and at this stage you may have had a help from people at the top. The guys who earn money at the Top don’t spend much of their time Personal Training clients, you may find that they are selling Fitness products, have a Team working for them, and Mentoring, guys at the bottom or mainly guys in the middle. In fact they have their business on Auto-pilot I have been on courses with some of the guys at the TOP of their business game, and some of the figures are unbelievable that some trainers actually earn.

The average Trainer earns £16,000- £24,000 per year FACT.


  1. The Hours can be Anti-social: if you don’t like early mornings and late nights, then Personal Training may not be the Job for you, if you have a young family, and a Partner who is not understanding of this and you want to keep the family together, don’t bother, being a Personal Trainer can be a Relationship breaker. Personal Training is not a 9-5pm job, it’s a service industry so you have to be there for your clients or you will not have no clients to run a successful business, and they will work with some other Personal Trainer in your area, and as I said this might mean early morning alarms, and late night wind downs, it’s the truth let’s not make it sound nice and sound pretty.

6.30 am Starts are quite normal and so are 9pm finishes are Normal FACT.



  1. Your might Feel like a Bloody Cleaner: If you decide to go and work in one of the Factory gyms as a Personal Trainer or even one of the bigger chains and Trade your time, for you be able to service the members within that health club, for a small license fee, a Board on a wall with your Details on it, a few business cards, you are going to earn, after all you want to help People improve their health & lifestyle RIGHT, you are going to find yourself, Hoovering the gym floor, mopping the gym floor, cleaning down pieces of Cardiovascular kit or pulling hairs from the grates of the showers.

YOU ll spend some your time cleaning, unless you are a self-employed Trainer: FACT


  1. Get Good knowledge and use it: don’t believe everything you hear, but gain the best knowledge you can, from the articles, internet, and by attending Fitness conventions, the best and most valuable stuff is certainly Nutrition, this is where getting your clients the best results will come from, and you can also bet your bottom dollar for everything that you say there will be someone to say that “that is not correct” so make sure your information is backed by sound scientific research.Also you will find not alot beats BEING IN THE TRENCHES FACT
  2. Get yourself fit first: it’s a good idea to get yourself into good shape, as you become a advert in a way to what you do, I am sure you have heard a Cobbler never walks around with Holes in his shoes, so practise what you preach, whatever your niche your promoting too, get into shape, I know it’s not right, but people Judge YOU when you say you are a Personal Trainer, and part of the Judgement is based upon how YOUR body looks. So get yourself into Shape, as people can be drawn to what they want to look like. So don’t under estimate this FACT.
  3. Jealousy is the norm as a Trainer: I did not want to put this one in but it’s very factual. Get Qualified as a Personal Trainer get yourself a few clients start making a little name for yourself, and see what happens “little monsters” Start Talking Shit, from he does controversial stuff, through to why does he charge so much, when I don’t charge that much but I think I can do that, Through to your Business Cards & flyers going missing from gym Receptions, to other Trainers trying to Poach your clients, FACT: Personal Training can be a Really nasty you have to get “Ghetto sometimes”.
  4. Keep on Learning: Don’t weld your head shut once you have become qualified, this is one of the flaws a lot of trainers make, the industry is always moving at a rate of knots, you have to keep learning and moving with change & new scientific knowledge that comes from the Top Fitness Performance & sports labs from around the globe.
  5. Get yourself a Good Accountant With Good Fitness industry Knowledge: Say no more on this one, they may help you sort out your Finances and a hefty inland revenue Tax bill if you go self-employed or declare Personal Training as a secondary income to your main income. (Mr Andrew Crawford Specializes in accountancy & Tax issues for Fitness Professionals) here is his personal web site
  6. Do your Research and Save your money: There are loads & tons of Personal Training courses & providers out there, it’s a case of Good and bad, some are good and most are bad. I am pretty old school and believe how can you become qualified in a few days. There are also courses that you can now do on line now too, Seek Professional Advice or ask other qualified Trainers these questions, the other one save up your money as the good courses are not CHEAP.
  7. Don’t quit your day job Straight away: At the bottom you may still be working looking at becoming Qualified then looking at a way to break into the industry, so you may have a Job or Proper Job, some People don’t see Fitness as a Real JOB, Quite Funny when you are at a convention with Guys who Earn 2K-5K a month from this Not So Real industry, so build up your client Base first, and keep your Day Job until their Personal training income/earning over takes your day job earning. Again some guys embark off the back of a course and think that they will be earning six figures straight away.     


The above are just a few of the things that I feel you need to know before you think about embarking and signing up on Personal Training course, I get a lot of people each year and people when I am floating around the gyms, asking questions about how do they get qualified as a PT and how to get into it.

Coach Martin Gooden


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