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How to Cook a Weight Loss & Muscle Building Meal NOW


Hey for some people, preparing a meal from a tin or a packaged meal is a way of life, and if you ask them too cook YOU a meal, they think that cooking is about the thing in the corner of the kitchen with a clock on it “yes” a micro-wave, ping ping ping.

Well if that’s what you call cooking, you may be missing out on a few things not only how real food tastes, but how real, healthy foods will give you better nutrition too your body and your love ones body to.
Below is a 10 minute video of me cooking a “Simple Cooks for leaner looks” meal, That not only tasted amazing, but has essential and valuable macro and micro nutrients for my body.

I always like to encourage anyone who comes into contact with me to cook foods from scratch, and learn make food taste good by using the right seasoning, herbs and spices, people will say they have not got time to cook, or don’t know how to.

I feel this is a cop out, as it don’t take much to learn. The thing is this to, cooking from a cook book is a good thing, but once you start evaluating taste, you will find out a way through the use of seasoning, through the use of measure, through the use of timing, how you know something tastes good when you cook, as you also have to remember, what tastes good too you might not too someone else.

So watch the Video give it a try, and also remember my cook book is still available from as a hard copy or digital download if you want a cookbook full of ideas that will have you losing weight & body fat, and having you having enough energy to run a marathon or do championship rounds with “Iron Mike Tyson”

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