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Hey lets remind you


Hey so have you given up YET ?

Well we are 20 odd days or more into the New year, and this is just a reminder there were a few things you may have promised yourself and may be others, below may be a few of them.

  • Join the gym to stay healthy in 2012 with this will your pursuit of general weight loss, building of muscle, body shaping and toning etc shall come. Have you started yet?


  • Was going to eat a more nutritious food, WELL?


  • STOP drinking alcohol and smoking, if you are not pissed or smoking while reading this Great, but if you are going to be pissed later, or have a fag later, when you made a Promise to yourself, your loved ones, “Flaking Shame” on YOU, No Not WHATEVER you may now be ready to make an excuse.


  • You planned on travelling more, well have you booked anything yet? Or thought about where you want to go because it won’t be long before the year is done.


  • You said you were not happy with your current relationship in 2011, even may have told your friends that he or may-be she has got to go, even watched “Jeremy kylie” to give you some inspiration and courage, to end it, Well are you still in the Same relationship? Are you still unhappy, is it really going know where? Is it worth going to see a relationship Counsellor? You answer, but remember what you said in 2011 or may be beyond.   


  • Said you are going to see that mate you fell out with over  “stupid-ness” listen a good friend is better that pocket money, so if you can patch it up, two wrongs don’t make a right, it takes one of you to swallow your pride.


  •  May be you made a Promise that you will try and find a Job, change your current Job, or

May be work for your-self. Let’s Start. Yes the UK is in a big mess at the moment, companies shutting down left right and Centre nobody spending money. If you are looking for work keep trying with a glass half full approach and Keep trying, keep sending your CV’s off, If you have a stronger Personality approaching in Person this can be awesome, in the past I have had good success with this approach even when having a Rejection letter from the one of my past employees Fools. Another opportunity can be making the most of Training courses or vocational courses, stay positive, Colonial “KFC” Saunders and Roy “Mcdonald’s” Kroc’s stories may give you a lift on determination. You said in the new year you are going to change your job as you are not happy with your current job, Staff and bosses, get a new one and walk the walk, May be you have mad skills as a tradesman or could make loads of money as a sales man or woman, you said it in December and most of last year, you are going to go Self-employed and earn your own money and pay your own taxes, earn from your own skills,  Read the Book called  “ The E-myth” it is one book recommended to me by one of America’s Top Fitness Marketers (CM) a Must READ if you are fed up of working for your boss.


Wake up now it may be time to really get STARTED.............. 

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