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Do you know about being nervous?

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Being very nervous is something that happens to most of us at some point in our life, it might be something your very frightened of doing, a challenge that far outweighs what you have ever done before to that point, it might that you really just love a challenge, trust me that some people get up daily and see everything as a challenge.

Let’s talk about a challenge that most don’t know about, what some will never take on, I understand why some will NOT take on a challenge like this as it’s very scary for them. If you have never taken on this challenge you will never ever know, and you will never understand until you take on a challenge like this.You see when you take on a challenge like this a few things are on the line:Your health and your ego, you have to find a way to deal with nerves,So imagine this, you have trained on a camp for 8-12 weeks for a contest. That days is coming up, you have to make sure that you are fuelled and rested and ready to go.

You are up against someone who is up for fighting you, who wants to knock your head off your shoulders and punch holes in your stomach. Let’s start with the changing room and your getting your hands wrapped and putting on your gloves on.So you warm up with your coach, as your seconds tips water into your mouth in between the warm up, still you might be a little nervous, but either it might be new to you or you have been here before so you have found a way to deal with the nerves.You hear your name called out for the ring walk, and as you walk towards the ring you might hear a few cheers from your family and friends aka fans or you might hear a few boo’s from the opponents fans. You step through the ropes and shadow box, as you wait for the opponent to do his ring walk. As your waiting your coach might whisper a few pointers in your ear to keep you calm or to pump you up ready for action and your fight.

You get your name called again and so does your opponent. This time you are told to meet your opponent in the centre of the ring with your gum shield in your mouth.  As the ref gives both fighters his orders and instruction of what he expects, then he asks you to touch gloves and get back in your corner you go ready for the first bell to sound for round one.The fight is ready this is the fight, this is a battle of nerves, this is about being composed, as I said earlier whatever level you have boxed at, this is the place that a lot of people will never know this feeling and will never like to test themselves or enter and those that have will certainly know what I am talking about. Do you understand what it’s like to be nervous?  Give yourself a challenge that scares you so much your nerves play games with you, providing its not life or death go for that shit quite often and see how your mentality will change.

What can you do today, within the next month, within this year from today that will really challenge you both physically and mentally.

Coach Martin Gooden  

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