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Just as a young School leaver knows in his mind that he wants to be a electrician, and he goes from leaving school, to being an apprentice to becoming qualified in his trade, to working for his employees to then managing within the company to then managing and becoming a director of his own company, wanting to lose weight, build muscle, perform better is no different, as in all of this you have to have a well crafted PROCESS, and be guided by a person who has experience of this (A mentor, Teacher, coach, An experienced Personal Trainer)

You sign up to most Health clubs and you"ll get a 6-8 week program card from the in-house personal trainer/gym instructor, who will structure something for you to repeat and follow for this 6-8 week period, now in between there is no follow up, no motivation unless your very self motivated, no accountability, and I bet your bottom dollar when the trainer meets this person again for a tik tik reassessment, that's if one happens, she will swear that she has done every single thing that you asked her to do 8 weeks ago, well she ain't happy you get angry too, this is not a PROCESS, it's a structure, it tells you what you should do but if the health club member is not doing it she will not get results and blame the Instructor/Personal Trainer for her lack of results. You see when you employ an experienced Fitness professional on a 1:1 basis to coach you towards your goals, he will guide you through a process that is endless if he has the skills, or will make sure you Peak if its for a Sporting Performance and progress you towards your wants, and then when you get to your needs again progress you again and keep this going, also when, why, what, when not too,  should be able to be answered by the person taking you through the process. The mentor/ coach/ Trainer. The process needs to be motivating, fun & hard work (50/50 achievable) too allow you too see progress, (i.e. measured) allow you to be doing things within & outside some times your mental & physical capabilities (Comfort Zone), or things that you thought you could not do, as if it's too easy you won't be motivated to do, now when you normally take a good coach out of the equation two things happen, either the client takes the baton and runs with it, as they feel they are happy with the results and have enough knowledge/motivation to carry on training themselves, or they drop out as that organised process has gone and now there is no one guiding them any more, NO PROCESS. Some Coaches believe that a client should not be with them for long, as their idea is to give them as much knowledge as they have so they can do it on there own, the aspect about knowledge I totally agree, but giving knowledge still don't mean they have a process to follow. I personally have a client who I still train after 8 years yes consistently, and he says it's the process that he needs.
Watch the Below video will give you a little bit more information on this,
Stay blessed and hire someone who can guide you through a process weather this be in business or your results in health & fitness.
Thanks Coach Martin Gooden

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