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Boxing is Life !!!!


I am so thankful that I was dragged to a Boxing gym at a tender young age, not only that but was put in a ring when my coach realised I could hold my family name.

So within this I had to compete with better lads and take a beating as well as learn not to take advantage of boxers that were weaker or not so skilled as me, from this great friend-ships were formed. The only time that you had to deliver the “sizzle” was when you were scheduled to fight, when it was a case of “the fittest of the fittest survives” YOU or ME.

After finishing chasing my Dream, and entering into a different arena, I Would never realise how Boxing would have such a mental impact on my life, you see If you have never been put in situations where you had to conquer your fears, or have to “fight it or flight it” this may seem like a load of “Bullshit

What I am getting at is Life is one “BIG FIGHT” and if you are not in shape physically or mentally you are going to get “knocked out

You see if you decide you want to design a good life, or just live a simple life, you got to treat it like a Boxing contest. I will explain.

When you step into the ring of life, you take some so much “blows” so much body punches, you go down on one knee, take a deep breath, get up shake off pain, throw a few hurting punches back, and hurt what’s in front of you. Many people last the distance some fall by the way side of life, as the fight is to tough to hard  for them to continue, by this I mean, Life experiences throws some HARD Body Blows for Example:

Death of a close or loved one, your Partner leaves, problems at work, if you lose your Job, A house Repossession, life not giving you what you want, I could go on here I am sure you could add to this also, but what I am saying life can be Very Dramatic, Like a Punch that you never see, Wham! It puts you on your Knees, you either stay on the Canvas of life, and wolla in self-pity, or you get up at the count of 8 and throw you own Punches back and deliver your own knock-out blow. Or you might get wobbled with one of life’s Blow’s you take it on the chin and fight on after all boxing is life.

Coach Gooden

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