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Tiger Woods the Perfect Story for us all

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On Sunday 14th of April, I watched a sport that normally would never get a look in from me, but I was watching and hoping for one thing, and the one thing I was hoping too happen happened. Not only was it a victory for Tiger wood’s it was certainly was a victory for most of us that have been though life struggles, the only difference was that Tiger wood’s struggles have been for the public to see for all to see and hear.

Most if they are honest had wrote of Tiger wood’s for years, from the moment his marriage was facing difficulties, so let’s take a further look, at what happened to Tiger woods

His wife Elin nordegren decided enough was enough and wanted a divorce as Tiger got caught out playing much more than golf on the side, and sinking his balls in more than one hole

All his Major sponsors decided due to bad press it was time to pull the plug on him, these where multi-million pound deals, big financial blow

In around 2008 Tiger developed a knee injury that made him have to have knee surgery in which when he returned his game was not the same

This followed by multiple amounts of Surgery on Tiger wood’s back and spine, if you know the sport of golf and the physiology of the sport then you will know that the amount of rotation and load that goes on in a round of 18 holes then you will know he should not be able to compete like how he used as a forty-year old player he is now.

Tiger wood’s then drove his motor vehicle into a tree, and when arrested he was drugged up to the eye balls with medication for his back injury

So Tiger wood’s entered the masters in decent form, but not having winning the masters for 11 years, then you know that he achieved an amazing thing.

So you can imagine how many people had written Tiger Wood’s off, how many people where happy that his life was on a downward fall, (Little haters)

So it’s a great mindset lesson to us all,

What may that be?

Keep chipping away, keep being Consistant, and the ones that directly try to make you stray off course, keep on your path until you reach your destination.

For those that are into boxing let Tyson Fury’s story be an inspiration to you

Coach Martin Gooden       

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