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Round one Motivation Monday

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Welcome to this week’s round one motivation. The thing you might need to hear today is don’t get frustrated one bit if you are learning something have failed at something recent, or are on one level and cannot seem to shift it to the next level.

The feelings of frustration are very normal, and if you have been down, frustrated and think that you cannot get to the next level you can.

Listen YOU was a baby who could not walk, you fell over loads of times, and got Up, fell over again and fell on your arse, did you sit there and stay there waiting for your guardian to pick you up “NO” You got up and tried until you could stand up and then eventually run.

 How your mindset can cope with the stress of patience of learning or development, is what most of the time will separate the good from the bad, the highly skilled too the ones who are lowly skilled, to the ones that make constant breakthroughs to the ones who are constantly thinking about the failure and stopping right in the failure zone.

 This can apply in all walks of life from relationships, sporting performance at all levels, in business, and almost every aspect.

So keep chipping away at things, get frustrated, get fed up and find the courage and strength to push on forward, really it’s a mindset “YOU” have too have, and it can take time to develop the mindset to not “STOP” at the hurdles that life flings at you.

 Remember if you are stuck in this rut, get in touch. Press play on the Video and I hope today is good for you.

Coach Martin Gooden


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