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Round one Motivation

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Hey welcome to this week’s round one motivation, sorry that I never did one last week, but my work schedule got the better of me in which it never gave me the chance to get the blog post done.

If you listen to some people, they are way concerned about what other people think about them, the word People pleasing or people pleaser comes to mind.

 In most cases nobody likes to go around upsetting people, but then again, there are a few people with a certain mindset that get a thrill out of doing that.

But let’s put it this way, we all have different opinions on everything from Politics too an opinion of a boxing contest between two fighters.

Some of us have a desire to do some amazing things, that might involve being judged by friends, family and even by strangers that don’t even know you, but should this bother you? Not really after all if you know this something you want to do, go ahead and do it, if what you are doing is to improve your own life and trying to also help others, go ahead and do it, and if you are wanting better, go for it, because believe me you are never going to please everyone and why would you want too, be yourself and make who so ever accept who you are.

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Coach Martin Gooden  

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