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Round one Motivation

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Hey welcome to this week’s round one motivation, if those that are involved health fitness and performance could get paid a dollar or pound for every time someone says “This Fitness and health stuff” is boring, man we would making some serious money.

Well the one’s that say generally you have to ask what is their experience for that individual to make statements like this, as it certainly cannot be good, and I may have to ask what is their knowledge and also their experience, I will say one thing, being and staying motivated can be related to getting results, so maybe this may be the case for the boring comments, and I would agree if you do the same type of workouts, you will get bored.....LOL

Your workouts should be

  • Challenging
  • Fun
  • Motivating
  • Outcome based for the result that you are after

Well check this boredom should never, ever, never, ever, creep into your workouts, they are never allowed in my Personal coaching sessions, and I will tell you why.

I personally know that there is around 54 methods of training, each one will have its different outcomes, for weight loss, Building muscle, Anaesthetic (with nutrition of course) and outcomes geared towards those that are looking at improving their sporting performance, so tell me now so you still think it’s boring, maybe you need to hire me to show you a few methods related to the outcomes that you want, as over a year you should never be bored and always be challenged unless you are taking rest, a holiday, or if you are a Performance athlete taking rest.

Anyway Press play on the Video to listen Coach Martin Gooden Round one motivation for this week, and don’t ever mention bored in a fitness, nutrition and performance sentence ever again.


Have a great week

Coach Martin Gooden

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