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Round one Motivation Monday 17th December

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Are you counting downs the days towards C or BC Christmas or Babylon Christmas as some call it, well it soon will be upon the masses.

Over the festive period some of you will be so charged up on what you are going to do in the new-year, Lets step back and take back your talk from last year, as YOU more than likely did and said the same thing as what you did say last year too, I am not saying your full of it, but what I am saying is its getting very boring now, who are you fooling as probably the people on your office table turn their eyes up as you mention

  • Joining the gym again
  • Starting of another stupid detox program
  • Giving up fags
  • You are going to run a marathon and cycle from lands end to John o groats
  • I know I know I know you know what I am chatting say

The thing is and I am talking to the type of person who is not accustomed to exercise or any form or good Consistant nutritional habits as such as yet. So when a person like this asks me questions along the lines of

  1. How many of each macro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals do I need to be taking in a day, no worries I can work that out for you
  3. Do I need to be taking Protein powders, multi-vitamins, fat burners etc
  5. When is the best time to exercise? Is it in the morning as I want to burn off some of this fat from my body?

The list goes on, and I am NOT joking when I say this, for the average un-exercised, unfit person, you don’t have to go into so much detail, just worry about getting small habitual things done, so just move more often, weather that be in the morning, day or noon, eat better wholesome foods, within the right portion control, and change your lifestyle for the better, and trust me this will make a difference in the first few months.


However if you have high training experience, if you are a competitive Body Builder, a physique athlete or a Boxer who has to make the weight cut, the above will and does matter at that level

But, for the new starter I repeat just be Consistant and get the simple things done, and don’t delve to deep into the complex things as this can confuse you and derail you also.


In order to get a simple structure set out for you, seek advice from an experienced Practitioner, yes someone like me, who can devise a plan for you that is very specific for your wants and also your needs, and will also take into consideration your nutritional habits and lifestyle habits too.

Any way passion is an amazing thing, press play for this week’s Round one Mondays Motivation, have a great week and train and make a lifestyle plan for 2019.


Coach Martin Gooden    

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