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Having the Runs For charity !!


"My 10K Parkinsons challenge"

Having the runs is a terrible thing, especially when you are not expecting it. So you can imagine when I decided to sign up for a 10k spooky sprint charity run for Parkinson's disease without having to train for it, as I had just come back from a break in sunny Jamaica. Also 4 other guys who are CPT fit-campers also had signed up, so there was no getting out of this at all, the worst thing is three days before the run I kicked a futsal football (if you have played futsal then you know these balls are like kicking a medicine ball) so hard that I strained a muscle right at the top of my left quad, so now I was slightly injured too, but I knew I still had to challenge myself and do this for charity. Let's get this right I am not cut out to run for 6 miles at 16 stone lean muscle, also with a gammy right knee, when I used to compete as a Boxer getting up at 5am-6am to run a few miles was the normal at the time, how things have changed, so these days if I do cardio I will do this very intense but low impact on joints so using a concept 2 or a X-Trainer, this merely for my knee joints and reduction of stress on them. So when I told friends that I was doing this I was told you will not do that without training? Won't I this put fire in my belly even more, but more important I know I would have a mental switch once I get going and the race started. On the day I had a good breakfast, loads of water throughout the day, took my supplements, took a post meal 3 hours three hours before my run, after this I went for a 1 and half hour sleep, when I woke I felt amazing, then I hydrated again on Amino work capacity, beet it juice which contains nitrate, and 500ml of coconut water, then sipping on water right up to the starting race line. One mental battle as a competitive person was when the start buzzer went and having the FF I will let you decide what FF means, but some of them had gone like a greyhound, and you really had to hold your head, as the inner mind wanted to keep up with them, but I remember what I told the others pass me and go, as for me I am going to keep running but I am not going to stop, and that's what I kept doing with the wired for sound trance music blazing in my ear, and a focus that would make people move out of your way. The first mile was hard as my engine was warming up, after this I got into a zone, I was overtaking people, the FF,s people where over taking me, but I started increasing my speed when I the seen 4k I opened up a little more, still focused and when I got to 5k I could see that some people started walking either knackered, In juried or got out the blocks to fast, so when I seen the last 400 metres I seen this lady walking I took my ear piece out my ears and said to her come on start running I will get you to the finishing line, she picked up and it was now a sprint to the finishing line, 300 metres-200metres-100 metres boooooooooooooooom the charity mission was complete, and a challenge that I had not prepared for was complete, felt a sense of achievement in raising money for charity and completing this without preparing for it, my post meal well deserved and so was the one hour soak in the bath. On Sunday and Monday was I in pain, dammmmmmm from obliques too calves pain pain uncle doms had me, but there is one thing that I always remember "pain is temporary" and I will be honest this was never my hardest challenge in sport, my hardest challenge was always competing in Boxing and preparing to be well prepared. What challenge can you do without preparing for a challenge? Well done to the others who did it, Melissa, Denton, white, and the invisible Duncan "two feet" McPhee.

Coach Martin Gooden         

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