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What is your Ideal Day ?

  • Published on Sunday, 22 May 2016 01:31


What is your Ideal Day ?

Hey Thanks for reading my Latest Blog post, weird Title Right? But It might be something you have Never Actually thought about before, Until I got asked by a mentor a few years ago I was the same, I thought what is he on about? Until it was explained to me, now most People have never thought about this, most people are on a moving conveyer belt, most people get up every day and just are not happy with a few things:

  • Their Job
  • Their Relationship
  • Their Health
  • The amount of money they earn & in the Bank
  • The house they live in
  • The list can Go on

Now we know NOT everyone desire’s a Mercedes Benz with Personal Plates, a long Drive leading up to a massive Massion, with Two Lions at each Side (Big up My Friend Lewis Pitman lol)  but let’s Change the Direction of this. For some of us, an Ideal day is to Wake up Free from Pain, and too have, the woman or man of their Dreams, by their bedside, and to go into the Opposite room to see happy healthy smiling kids, and too get up with the kids and have Breakfast with them, and send them off to school, to go to there Job and come home to a cooked dinner, then go down to the local have a few pints, and come home and read to the kids a bedtime story, and then watch a film with them also with the woman or man of their Dreams, this can be an ideal Day for someone, Just the same Whatever your Ideal Day may be NOT involve having to have BIG amounts of LOOT, but what I am saying whatever is your Ideal Day, you might NOT be happy with this now you Can Change your Current State.

  1. VisualizeWhat your Ideal day looks Like from AM to PM, from get up too lights out night time also what are you doing in this time, who are you with and who are you surrounded by, what are you eating, also what Tools do you need to make it ideal, and what makes you so full filled and happy in this ideal day.
  2. Take Action on changing how you will get from current Place to Ideal Day, What job do you want to do, are you employed or self-employed, how much will you be earning, what Car you getting, so you have to take action on, Right, Do you need to study so you can work for yourself, Do you need to pack in your current job, do you need to tell your Partner that it’s just not working “it’s over” If you are not Healthy you can take steps towards joining a gym, setting a goal related to your earning potential.

So creating or half Creating your ideal day, who’s going for it, go try and create your ideal day, so much people are living their ideal day. BOOOOOOOOM, remember in most cases it has nothing to do with money, but it does help.

Thanks Coach Martin Gooden   



How to Have a Mind-set like Ali

  • Published on Wednesday, 04 May 2016 12:43

How to Have a Mind-set Ali

Is Mohammad Ali the Greatest Boxer of All Time, many from Past or Present will Question this, and to be honest sometimes I can see why they may Choose other Fighters in front of him, as they have been some Great Boxers/Fighters in the past and some of Present, But Mohammad Ali had a very strong mind-set that allowed him to get into most of his Opponents & establishments, Heads and Allow himself to get the Edge over his them, but if you think that it was only Trash talk that he had, What you must remember loads of Fighters trash talk but cannot back it up with boxing or fighting, and you could not become a Champion of such Magnitude, without Dedicating & duplicating your skills consistently, you have heard of Natural talent, But even the May-weather’s And Ali’s of this World had to “Put in the work”. Now what I am going to talk about in today’s Video is: How to have a Mind-set Like Ali, after all we are NOT necessary talking about Boxing Here but in your General or Not so General Life, you can apply some of these Principles that can help you develop a better Version of yourself, become a better Performer in whatever your field of sport, or even in your Personal life, Take a watch & take notes Listen.

Stay blessed       


My 10 Worst Clients to work with

  • Published on Thursday, 28 April 2016 15:16



It does not happen very often but over the years every  now and then you come across the client from Hell, you know the one that makes you want to punch holes  in the wall, you know the one that is so annoying that in the end you have to refuse to coach them  as values collide and it can have an effect on your mental health, it’s not all glitz and glamour, believe me, so go and make a cup of tea, get a few biscuits, switch off the TV and have a Good read.

  1. The Client who wants’ change and expect things to change, but they are still not willing to embrace new changes from you, and are still doing the things that they were doing before they came and hired you, yeah kind of silly right, the dream body, the learning of a new skill, the bags of energy, won’t come unless you change some of your old habits into new ones, it’s that simple.
  2. The Client that turns up late for sessions, making them not get the full scheduled time that you had planned for them, this is the time you get coached, so this is the time you turn up and make sure your ready, and don’t get “huffy” when you turn up ten minutes late, and the session finishes in 50 minutes time, I can and will understand turning up at the Dentist late, but not to get coached, YOU TURNED UP LATE, NOT ME.
  3. I once had a customer who more or less would negotiate business deals while getting coached, first it would be “Martin can you look after my Phone” and when it rang it would break his chain of thought, and yes he had to answer it, and he could be on his phone for 10-20 minutes, when this happens a few times you have to be up front & tell them how you run your Business which didn’t go down well first, but after a few weeks he came back with a different attitude and kept his phone in his Car Boot while he was training with me, result.
  4. Sometimes you come across some talented athletes both Professional & Amateur, who have bags of talent but either a bad work ethic or a bad attitude towards training, it’s annoying as with different mind-set they could be competing with the best on a different level.
  5. Clients who just show up this is not being disrespectful, but showing up isn’t enough, we need a too put in the effort related to your Personal Fitness levels and maybe only for an hour too.
  6. Clients that talk too much in between sets or movements, there is talking and there is talking I come up with an idea recently, that I used on my Woman’s weight loss academy and it worked well, I Coached them with a Pair of Headphones on, and told them any Negative Chat I don’t hear it, my headphones drowns out all this kind a stuff it seemed to work really well, it only works if you know your clients Don’t try this method from the get go.
  7. Ones that don’t make them self accountable to you, they hire you for a reason whatever the reason is, Results to me is more important than the money, also let’s be Honest, we are bombarded in magazines & online on information on Nutrition, exercise, lifestyle & Mind-set, so you can read them and maybe get the information, But I am going to make you accountable, then you will see the magic Start to happen when you are willing too.
  8. The one’s that cancel sessions by slinging a text message as they have NOT got the Balls to call you and cancel, yeah this one is annoying, have some balls on this one and call.
  9. The Client that Purchases a coaching Package that is time Framed, but seem to want to Stretch it out, and NOT commit to the Time Frame, that originally was outlined and agreed
  10. Finally the Client who Knows everything that you know, but yet they want you to help them, or the Client that has a mate, that always gives them advice for FREE, but YET they want to PAY you for your experience and knowledge, but yet are willing to listen to someone who isn’t involved in Nutrition, movement & exercise, other than maybe Reading “Beef & Muscle and Fitness” over someone who does it Day in Day out, who has invested a lot of Money on their education to help the same person who “Doubts your knowledge” Spin the Barrel Play Russian roulette, I have methods  that bring a “high Percentage”  of results.

So If I am honest I could go on Maybe up to 50 or May be 100, but no 10 is enough, I know may be a few Coaches and Trainers are reading this that can relate to the above, You do have a choice to stamp it out, and tell your clients if you are not happy about it, as I am sure they tell you if they are NOT happy with something you do, coaching is a relationship with your Client, so let them know what you expect from them and what annoys you, then at least you both can kick on and move forward and work on Positive outcomes Super Simple.  Feel free to inbox me if you’re a Trainer who has problems with your Clients and looking for a solution to the problem This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Coach Martin Gooden                





Have you been Busted Already in 2015

  • Published on Sunday, 25 January 2015 20:29


So Have you been busted already

Well it’s been a few weeks since the New Year 2015 has started and the resolutions and Motivation promises and the belief that you will be able to change a habit or start a habit that never existed, wasn’t Consistant or give up something over night excuse the pun Tommy cooper would say “just like that”. Well if you are reading this and you have already given up already at the first hurdle, you might be disappointed, but don’t worry you aren’t alone. You may have also seen a few De-motivating Statuses on Face-book, twitter and other social media platforms, from the hardcore gym users who are complaining about how their space is being invaded by January aliens (i.e New gym users) who may be looking confused or doing and using equipment they don’t know how to use incorrectly, now they are the people that are new and can be in-consistent and have not made it part of their lifestyle as ‘YET’  and will be getting results soon if they do the right thing and be Consistant, but if you have already given up on your New you, New body Pursuit, don’t worry these arrogant know it all’s, started somewhere and ‘YES’ they struggled with their first run, first lift, first stretch, first preparation of a healthy meal, had  muscle ache too (DOMS), struggled with motivation, and could not be arsed some days too, so what is NEW, it’s nothing new, but the only difference is that they have kept it going and may be you have given up on WHAT you want to change or what fire you are willing to run through to get what you want to achieve. So you have been “Busted again” the WHAT you’re going to do in 2015, how many gym visits a week you’re going to make etc, yes you said it last year. Unless you’re a Professional athlete or your aspiring to become the top of your sport, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, you are allowed the occasional missed session, the occasional lavish cream cake and KFC, not that I am promoting you to do this, but don’t think because you have not trained today or that you did not eat Broccoli with steamed fish, it’s all over, and this might lead you into a spiral of de-motivation and lead to dropout. Most of what fails you is Right in your HEAD, Your Success and your Failures mainly Start and Finish their too, ask a boxer who is up against someone he thinks he can beat, ask a fighter who thinks he is in for a beating. Giving up a habit has a big mental element, just like saying you are going to start a new habit I believe has a element of setting and being realistic too, example you might be able to run a full marathon in four months time with the right training, nutrition, lifestyle and injury Prevention plan especially if you have not exercised for months or years, let’s keep it real. So if you read this and think yes their is hope for me even though I have de-railed a little, it’s nothing new, I get tired of saying this to People and I won’t stop saying it, as it cuts out all the BS seek Professional advice, it can save you time and money, and definitely keep you realistically Consistant in your pursuit of results, getting someone their desired results is very easy, what can make it complex is if you have injuries, or nutritional deficiencies, mental mind-set issues towards exercise, and take it from me Don’t listen to the Trainers that slag off people that are new to training or want to make a change, part of their job is to develop encourage not discourage, so they are the Professional’s that can make and be the biggest help to make the biggest difference to YOU or be the biggest De-motivation to you if they are not giving you an awesome health & fitness experience, it’s only a few selective that have to train RELENTLESSY HARD and a selective few that their Nutrition has to be on Point 97% of the time. Anyway I have done a quick Video for you below, just giving a super simple Tip on what three things can make a difference to you getting results in 2015. Thanks for reading my latest Blog post, and if you are a Trainer who likes to slag off exercise newbies, think about it and have a little compassion and don’t give up on someone else’s aspirations to get what they want.

Before you Join a Gym Next year READ THIS

  • Published on Thursday, 01 January 2015 19:31


I hope 2016 will be a good new year for you in your personal Life but also if you are NOT sure what it is like to feel healthy mentally and Physically, you might be reading this thinking this is something that you want to work on, and also had a desire to look good and feel good and have unstoppable energy, well the chances are you might be thinking of joining a Health Club? Well it’s that time of year, when the Sales Teams in these Health Clubs are Booking in Club tours, Making calls to get there Diary Full, That time of year when the Sales Guys Should be Hitting Target, Putting Match sticks on their Dry wipe Board as they they’re signing people up for fun, and getting them in, and are earning loads of COMMISION in the Process, Great for them, but have you sat back and thought as a Customer WHAT Do you actually want as I am here to save you some money I hope as I think a lot of people Do waste their hard earned cash on Health Clubs, as some things are not called for. As this Blog is quite short, let’s get straight to the point a few questions you need to answer and by answering them, your cutting out the BS, all the Baloney, all the Fluff and getting to the Point and Getting what and Pay for things you will use rather than Paying for things that you won't use, so Answer some of the Below Questions, Some may appeal to the Guys some may appeal to the Girls.

Are you interested in using a Swimming Pool? Are you interested in Classes and if yes what type? Do you want a Personal Trainer/ Gym instructor to help you or are you clued up on what you’re doing? Do the Opening times suit you? Are you happy with the Resistance Machines and Cardio Area and its location in the Area? Are the changing Rooms clean? Do you want to be using the showers and washroom area? Is the atmosphere good? Are the staff at hand if you need them? Do you get Complimentary Free Drinks? Is there a FREE car Park? I hope you see what I am Getting at, OK then check this out, Harry Just wants to Train in the Evening after work, go home eat then Shower NOT interested in a swimming Pool, Doing Aerobic Classes, Don’t like taking Advise from anyone other than Ronnie Coleman from his Monthly “Muscle and Beef” Magazine, so when he was toured he got taken in by all the Modern Cons, and guess what he signed himself into a 12 month Contact at £85 Per month Direct Debit, Result for Who? You know the Answer, on the other Mary is not used to exercise but really wants make it part of a Life-style change and she Wants to swim, do Suitable Group exercise classes, Wants to use the gym and as a result would like the help of a Gym instructor to help her with programming and advice on Nutrition, she also wants to have a hot shower after her workouts and sit in a Juice bar for 30 minutes reading a paper and socializing with other members & re-fuelling, so when she was sold her membership all of the modern Cons, where things that she knew where valuable to her, and will make a difference to her motivation, and will consistently keep her coming back for more of cause, so the fact Mary is Paying £85 a month is money well Spent as she is also using the health club Frequently, so her cost per visit over a month is £5.31p Per time as she attends 4 times a week, Where Harry cost per Visit is £10.62p which is very High and in that case he may as well Join a Factory Gym and Pay between £15-20 a month NO Contract, No Swimming Pool, Nothing flash, No mod Cons, and that will cut down on unnecessary gym Fees, so he can spend more on his Meat and Supplements or maybe steroids. The Sales Team are there to sell and Keep them self in a Job, and Get the Health Club Full, to keep the Regional and National Managers and Directors happy, so what I am saying is don’t buy and don’t buy into things that you ain’t going to use, so do your home work and YOUR NEEDS analysis NOT THE SALES TEAMS WHAT YOU NEED ANALYSIS Before you commit to a “Swanky expensive Health Club” if you are going to join a Health club for 2016 Best of luck and Stay Motivated.


Coach Martin Gooden          




  • Published on Tuesday, 02 December 2014 14:19


Getting back the power to be in control and feel better about yourself is quite simple, one thing you really have to accept is that it is really up to YOU, the Awareness campaigns DON'T seem to work, the Food Labels DON'T seem to work the Government campaigns ain’t doing much are they? So I see it as you have to want it for your-self first and foremost. As I have Said in the Audio you have the Power to eat well and drink well, which can have a Positive or negative effect on HOW you feel and in a lot of cases as to how you THINK, NOT everyone knows what chemical Reaction happens when they eat certain foods, some People have the POWER of knowing that eating certain foods makes them feel amazing and makes them look amazing, some people have formed Relationships with a person/people that make them Feel amazing, while others continue to be around People who continually continue to make them feel Negative and rarely never up lift them. In the Two minute Video I am saying we all have Personal Power of Nutrition, exercise & Lifestyle Choices, so what you decide to eat, weather you decide to exercise, and what type of lifestyle you wish to have, more or less realistically is in your very own hands, Watch and listen for two minutes.

Coach Martin Gooden

Having the Runs For charity !!

  • Published on Friday, 07 November 2014 12:53


"My 10K Parkinsons challenge"

Having the runs is a terrible thing, especially when you are not expecting it. So you can imagine when I decided to sign up for a 10k spooky sprint charity run for Parkinson's disease without having to train for it, as I had just come back from a break in sunny Jamaica. Also 4 other guys who are CPT fit-campers also had signed up, so there was no getting out of this at all, the worst thing is three days before the run I kicked a futsal football (if you have played futsal then you know these balls are like kicking a medicine ball) so hard that I strained a muscle right at the top of my left quad, so now I was slightly injured too, but I knew I still had to challenge myself and do this for charity. Let's get this right I am not cut out to run for 6 miles at 16 stone lean muscle, also with a gammy right knee, when I used to compete as a Boxer getting up at 5am-6am to run a few miles was the normal at the time, how things have changed, so these days if I do cardio I will do this very intense but low impact on joints so using a concept 2 or a X-Trainer, this merely for my knee joints and reduction of stress on them. So when I told friends that I was doing this I was told you will not do that without training? Won't I this put fire in my belly even more, but more important I know I would have a mental switch once I get going and the race started. On the day I had a good breakfast, loads of water throughout the day, took my supplements, took a post meal 3 hours three hours before my run, after this I went for a 1 and half hour sleep, when I woke I felt amazing, then I hydrated again on Amino work capacity, beet it juice which contains nitrate, and 500ml of coconut water, then sipping on water right up to the starting race line. One mental battle as a competitive person was when the start buzzer went and having the FF I will let you decide what FF means, but some of them had gone like a greyhound, and you really had to hold your head, as the inner mind wanted to keep up with them, but I remember what I told the others pass me and go, as for me I am going to keep running but I am not going to stop, and that's what I kept doing with the wired for sound trance music blazing in my ear, and a focus that would make people move out of your way. The first mile was hard as my engine was warming up, after this I got into a zone, I was overtaking people, the FF,s people where over taking me, but I started increasing my speed when I the seen 4k I opened up a little more, still focused and when I got to 5k I could see that some people started walking either knackered, In juried or got out the blocks to fast, so when I seen the last 400 metres I seen this lady walking I took my ear piece out my ears and said to her come on start running I will get you to the finishing line, she picked up and it was now a sprint to the finishing line, 300 metres-200metres-100 metres boooooooooooooooom the charity mission was complete, and a challenge that I had not prepared for was complete, felt a sense of achievement in raising money for charity and completing this without preparing for it, my post meal well deserved and so was the one hour soak in the bath. On Sunday and Monday was I in pain, dammmmmmm from obliques too calves pain pain uncle doms had me, but there is one thing that I always remember "pain is temporary" and I will be honest this was never my hardest challenge in sport, my hardest challenge was always competing in Boxing and preparing to be well prepared. What challenge can you do without preparing for a challenge? Well done to the others who did it, Melissa, Denton, white, and the invisible Duncan "two feet" McPhee.

Coach Martin Gooden         

It Bothers Me !!!!!

  • Published on Monday, 28 July 2014 10:46

It Bothers me

I had a phone conversation this morning with a lady who evidently is full of excuses, now who am I to worry about another Persons desires when I have my own to deal with, but really but really it's quite sad, that some people lack vision, the vision of seeing themselves look better feel better, better thought processes, and able to enlighten and inspire other people with their change. It bothers me that people have not and are not giving life 100% of effort and energy, or giving their clients or their boss 100 % of their efforts! you only live once! and just too be old and say I didn't give life 100 %, is just like having a Bentley that has never been serviced, never had a oil change, and the spark plugs never been changed, which will mean it's not being driven at 100 % of its maximum. Just like how some people live there life, wanting to do things but putting it off every day, wanting to change things that they can, but not willing to step forward and start the journey, and are just living a mediocre life that they may not happy about, but at the same time are not willing to stick their neck out a little bit get uncomfortable a little bit and change it for the better. Let's be honest how many people do you know that moan about their weight & health? their marriage or relationship? their boss or employer? Their friggin life I am sure we all know someone like in fact this someone might be yoooooooooooooou tough love, it bothers me, that you are NOT willing to take action on change, mental blockage, something from the past hey, two comments that stick out in my head from Anthony Robbins & Les Brown are 'your past doesn't equal the future' someone else's opinion of you don't have to become your realty" if it's a mind-set that someone has instilled a negative opinion about your own-self great statements. And most people make excuses every day of their life, just like the woman who I spoke too this morning, full of excuses, just cannot make the start to push through for a break through it's quite sad that people are not trying to live life at their full potential, are not giving it 100 %, are not driving their body and mind fully serviced and tuned up, are not turning up and giving 100 % it bothers me that a lot of people could be champions of what they do, and what they want to do but are just not giving 100%, life sucks most of the time! but It would be better for it to sucks giving 100% towards your pursuits than 60% knowing that you never committed yourself fully if you committed yourself at all. So are you really bothered yourself about change for the better of yourself and those around you

Coach Martin Gooden   


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