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  • Published on Saturday, 06 July 2013 21:42



Every so often I get enquires from young bucks and even old training old school warriors too who have an interest in what it does it take to become a Personal Trainer or even how do they become a gym instructor, other than stating the obvious of getting your Qualification(s), getting yourself insured. It doesn’t make sense telling you, that you can earn 25K-60K upon getting your qualification as some training Providers like to claim. I have yet to meet a trainer who has qualified and in his first year made that amount of money from out the traps, and even if they have made this amount of cash from the off well done its rare. So were shall we begin, ok let’s start here.

  1. Don’t do it for the Money: Because there is no Money in it at the bottom, you may struggle for a long time trying to make ends meet while trying to build your client base up, there is money in the middle, as you start to get established and know, that it’s a business, and you realising your value and your worth, and at this stage you may have had a help from people at the top. The guys who earn money at the Top don’t spend much of their time Personal Training clients, you may find that they are selling Fitness products, have a Team working for them, and Mentoring, guys at the bottom or mainly guys in the middle. In fact they have their business on Auto-pilot I have been on courses with some of the guys at the TOP of their business game, and some of the figures are unbelievable that some trainers actually earn.

The average Trainer earns £16,000- £24,000 per year FACT.


  1. The Hours can be Anti-social: if you don’t like early mornings and late nights, then Personal Training may not be the Job for you, if you have a young family, and a Partner who is not understanding of this and you want to keep the family together, don’t bother, being a Personal Trainer can be a Relationship breaker. Personal Training is not a 9-5pm job, it’s a service industry so you have to be there for your clients or you will not have no clients to run a successful business, and they will work with some other Personal Trainer in your area, and as I said this might mean early morning alarms, and late night wind downs, it’s the truth let’s not make it sound nice and sound pretty.

6.30 am Starts are quite normal and so are 9pm finishes are Normal FACT.



  1. Your might Feel like a Bloody Cleaner: If you decide to go and work in one of the Factory gyms as a Personal Trainer or even one of the bigger chains and Trade your time, for you be able to service the members within that health club, for a small license fee, a Board on a wall with your Details on it, a few business cards, you are going to earn, after all you want to help People improve their health & lifestyle RIGHT, you are going to find yourself, Hoovering the gym floor, mopping the gym floor, cleaning down pieces of Cardiovascular kit or pulling hairs from the grates of the showers.

YOU ll spend some your time cleaning, unless you are a self-employed Trainer: FACT


  1. Get Good knowledge and use it: don’t believe everything you hear, but gain the best knowledge you can, from the articles, internet, and by attending Fitness conventions, the best and most valuable stuff is certainly Nutrition, this is where getting your clients the best results will come from, and you can also bet your bottom dollar for everything that you say there will be someone to say that “that is not correct” so make sure your information is backed by sound scientific research.Also you will find not alot beats BEING IN THE TRENCHES FACT
  2. Get yourself fit first: it’s a good idea to get yourself into good shape, as you become a advert in a way to what you do, I am sure you have heard a Cobbler never walks around with Holes in his shoes, so practise what you preach, whatever your niche your promoting too, get into shape, I know it’s not right, but people Judge YOU when you say you are a Personal Trainer, and part of the Judgement is based upon how YOUR body looks. So get yourself into Shape, as people can be drawn to what they want to look like. So don’t under estimate this FACT.
  3. Jealousy is the norm as a Trainer: I did not want to put this one in but it’s very factual. Get Qualified as a Personal Trainer get yourself a few clients start making a little name for yourself, and see what happens “little monsters” Start Talking Shit, from he does controversial stuff, through to why does he charge so much, when I don’t charge that much but I think I can do that, Through to your Business Cards & flyers going missing from gym Receptions, to other Trainers trying to Poach your clients, FACT: Personal Training can be a Really nasty you have to get “Ghetto sometimes”.
  4. Keep on Learning: Don’t weld your head shut once you have become qualified, this is one of the flaws a lot of trainers make, the industry is always moving at a rate of knots, you have to keep learning and moving with change & new scientific knowledge that comes from the Top Fitness Performance & sports labs from around the globe.
  5. Get yourself a Good Accountant With Good Fitness industry Knowledge: Say no more on this one, they may help you sort out your Finances and a hefty inland revenue Tax bill if you go self-employed or declare Personal Training as a secondary income to your main income. (Mr Andrew Crawford Specializes in accountancy & Tax issues for Fitness Professionals) here is his personal web site
  6. Do your Research and Save your money: There are loads & tons of Personal Training courses & providers out there, it’s a case of Good and bad, some are good and most are bad. I am pretty old school and believe how can you become qualified in a few days. There are also courses that you can now do on line now too, Seek Professional Advice or ask other qualified Trainers these questions, the other one save up your money as the good courses are not CHEAP.
  7. Don’t quit your day job Straight away: At the bottom you may still be working looking at becoming Qualified then looking at a way to break into the industry, so you may have a Job or Proper Job, some People don’t see Fitness as a Real JOB, Quite Funny when you are at a convention with Guys who Earn 2K-5K a month from this Not So Real industry, so build up your client Base first, and keep your Day Job until their Personal training income/earning over takes your day job earning. Again some guys embark off the back of a course and think that they will be earning six figures straight away.     


The above are just a few of the things that I feel you need to know before you think about embarking and signing up on Personal Training course, I get a lot of people each year and people when I am floating around the gyms, asking questions about how do they get qualified as a PT and how to get into it.

Coach Martin Gooden


Lessons from Martin Lewis

  • Published on Thursday, 27 June 2013 13:29




There is a bloke on TV who I used to think

Was a bit of a sounds like Tick, but the more

I Listened him and even researched what he

Was saying and the more I valued the information

That he was giving and also put this into Practise

I realised he started saving me money, and also

He is a person I can trust as regards his advice,

The Person I am talking about is Martin Lewis

The Passion he has for what he does cannot be

Questioned, the energy he puts into his research

Is second to none, the knowledge he has about the

Products that save us Money is hard to question &

On this I ask, if you are involved in the Service industry

Can you give the people you serve, the Passion &

Enthusiasm that can rub off on them to get them

Motivated and moving forward, and believe and trust

And hang on to your every word you say as their leader.

Sometimes me and my clients at the end of sessions while

We have a Pep talk, look around the Gym, to see what others

Are doing right and wrong, just to help my Clients with their

Knowledge on Movement, also we look at other Trainers and

Sometimes it’s SHOCKING to see that some of these Trainers

Have as much Passion as a Snail going a funeral, and also another

Thing the information you give your Clients/Customers is what

They hang onto, until it’s proven that what you said is BS, so

It’s important if you don’t know what you’re talking about keep

Your Trap Shut, and research what you are not sure about, or

Make your experience give you the answers that your clients

need to hear

Love what you do and do it with loads of PASSION.

Be like a Firework, a bit of sparkle and loads of BANG.    


Coach Martin Gooden

Personal Coaching Nottingham/Personal Training in Nottingham



Something for Freelance Group instructors

  • Published on Wednesday, 27 February 2013 09:36

Weigh it up-it may not be worth it



Something’s you really have to weigh things up what you are doing as a free-lance Group instructor or free-lance Personal Trainer now I am not sure if what I am going to say will go down very well with studio managers, but it is a matter of fact when broken down. It dawned on me a many years ago that some of the things I did needed to change, running around different gyms teaching and covering classes, leaving one place, running to another to teach a class, training a client from the North side of the city running to the south side of the city, and probably spending more on Gas than I made, and not only that you spend time with class participants which is great, but it knocks on your lateness, and your value on your hourly rate.

So check this out, the man who works in the Factory might earn £7 a hour but he is there from 8am-4.30pm do his hourly rate is very consecutive, not moving from venue too venue, not burning petrol running from place to place, only when driving too work and leaving work to go home.


But look at the Freelancers model


  • Might spend 15-30 minutes putting a routine together longer if it's BTS or pre-choreographed


  • Journey time might take you 20 minutes to get to your venue, 1 hour to teach your class, 15 minutes Q & A for class participants, a further 20 minutes having a shower, or forget your shower your running to another health club thereafter, and maybe repeat this two or four times a day, is it a wonder why Free lance instructors reach burnout in no time, chasing the Dollar. 



So you might be getting the drift now, so the average freelancer is getting paid £20-£30 per class so let's say £25 as a medium. So in practising your routine, in driving too and from the venue, it's costing you and above all the excitement & noise most instructors just don't see it. So your £25 for teaching a class really works out at a minimum wage, when you put time against your hourly rate, I am certainly not against this but I have responsibilities, and if it isn’t worth it, or don't slot into the schedule, I would rather do something else of value.


So in closingif you are a freelancer do your mathematics, and put some value into what you do, how much is your true worth, have you ever heard people say to you, when are you going to get a Proper Job? it might be for this reason that people take teaching or the Fitness industry for a joke it's not all about money as its great changing people’s lives, but at the end of the day it's you that has to be the one putting in your invoices, chasing them up when you don't get paid on time, and just have enough to buy new music, fill up your car tank, and asking your self is it worth it, The fitness industry is the best business & job to be in if you are lucky enough to be in it, it's also the worst if you are running your ship as a job and not a business.


Coach Martin Gooden keeping it real.



Is your gym giving you a good gym experience?

  • Published on Monday, 05 December 2011 13:16


My Perfect gym experience I had today, even though I was tired I went as I was really searching for some motivation, and I needed to take another step towards my health, fitness and well being goals.

Upon arrival of the gym, I was greeted by my surname from a smiling Receptionist who also asked a few questions, “Hi Mr Gooden how is you today? Did you have a good weekend also did you enjoy the social event that you were going to on Friday night” Wow she remembered our last conversation from 5 days before.

I decided I was going to have a hard workout today so:

Squats and Dead-lifts amongst of a few other compound exercises were top of my list.

As I was getting completing my first set, I could see a Trainer at the side of me again he addressed me as Mr Gooden, he said you are doing exceptionally well and I can see that you are progressing in strength, but I would just like to correct your

  • Feet & Technique

Once the trainer had showed me, I felt great that he had taken time out to correct me without being rude and unpleasant not like many Trainers from Hell.

I went through my workout like a knife through hot butter, and when I got to the end the Trainer, asked if I have the time for him to show me some stretches and also if he could show me any different body part exercises to add to my current program, I told him thanks, other members said hello and were very “down to earth”.

The changing rooms were very clean, had free shower gel and I seen no dirty hairs in the shower grates, they even had hot clean Towels for gym users to use, On my exit I was given another smile and asked if I was asked did I enjoy my workout, and when I answered then I was told see you later.

So When I thought my gym experience was awesome “I WOKE UP” Yes I guessed it was too true to be true in these modern times CHECK THE BELOW:

  • I think if it wasn’t for the fact that these gym owners know me for what I do, I don’t think they address their customers how they should be addressed. Come on Health club Front of house get this right it puts gym users in a good frame of mind try it.


  • This one is for the Trainers, if you see gym members/users using and doing exercises in a manner that is not correct, then by all means give them your help and your expertise, what do you think you get paid for, sometimes it’s not that these people won’t listen to you, but how you may have spoke to them, I know if I am lead to feel Patronised in any environment I will give you a “@uCK YOU” moment, so address with Respect, they may be old enough to be your grandparents so be careful what you say, this includes tone of voice and manner.


  • This one is for the health club/gym owners/Management, if it isn’t  good enough for YOU it surely won’t be good enough for your members and gym users, so empty post workout Protein bottles need to be put in the bins, energy bar snack wrappers, get the person responsible for this role to check the changing rooms, in doing this make sure the area is clean, enough shower gel is available, hairs are taken from the grates, and that the bogs are clean and the urinals are too. People normally moan with their mouths to others, and vote with their hands by leaving, I am sure you know how many people are told when they get a negative experience. So owners and Staff who work within the health clubs, Raise the standards and treat your members as a valuable commodity. Even if your members pay £10-£15 Per month.      

This is no Joke owners have to fix up and realise this customer service is probabley top of the list, and if your not getting this right your bottom line will and may suffer, give your members and clients a awesome experience.


Coach Martin Gooden

Ripped off by Marketing?

  • Published on Wednesday, 09 November 2011 23:45






I was so happy this morning as I again received another phone call from some internet company, who were promising me the earth, the stars and the universe. I get no end of these all the way through the year, mainly around the ending of the financial year. The conversation normally starts like this:

  • We have one Space left for a Personal Trainer in your area
  • Have you got any more hours that you can take on  more clients and business
  • Would you like to have more enquiries and more Google web presence
  • We only have a hour to fill the space, or it will be gone to a competitor
  • I used to be in the fitness industry, but came out as my Mrs got jealous of my clients


Trust me when I say this, it gets on my Pectorals, all of these companies are the best, and can get you on the first page of Google in 48 hours Right. I know other trainers in the UK that also get these calls and have been ripped off, not by scams, but by what I call incomplete work.  I personally parted with my hard earned cash a few years ago roughly £1,200 in total, for something this internet Marketing Company never delivered, and I’ll be honest if it wasn’t for the fact that I cannot afford to get a Criminal record and don’t want to serve at her majesty’s pleasure kept the peace and decided to turn negative into Positive and do a few things this was


  • Read every internet marketing book going and listen a lot of audio CD’s.
  • Went on more than a few marketing courses not fitness, but marketing
  • Spent more time with my web developer, he is Awesome
  • Questioned the guys who actually do well at it


You see the idea for me was not to be as good as these guys, but just be able to understand what they do when they say they can do this and to understand the Jargon, so they cannot give me no Bullshit or pull faces on the other end of the Telephone line. If i have 30% of knowledge of what they are talking about, then at least I can understand them. Ok some companies deliver sure they do but NOT THE ONES I DEALT WITH, I should name them but this is not Professional.So what’s now changed, I have a much better UNDERSTANDING of Marketing and the process of what these guys do.  So this morning when one of these companies had the cheek to call back looking for repeat Business. I listened to what they said they can do once again, I even spoke with the boss, they must have thought here is another repeat customer, so I started to ask the questions now, and guess what they could not answer, some of the technical internet stuff that I now know that I didn’t know before, and you know what it felt good. Whether you are a Trainer or not my advice to you is to find out what you want for your business, do your research, seek out guys who can do the work, you will have to come up with your process of finding trust with these guys, Past clients is always a good one, i.e get their details and speak with them. Questions like:


  • How efficient were these guys or the company
  • How was the service after care
  • Did they deliver i.e get you more business, page one of Google etc
  • Did the results of their work, get you more business through their Marketing


The Questions are endless, the other thing I would advise is ask them if they can be paid when the work is complete and they have promised on what they reckon they can deliver. If they are so cock sure they will.

So that was my wake-up call trust me when I say never again.  

Coach Martin Gooden

CPT Business for Personal Trainers

  • Published on Thursday, 22 September 2011 17:36

Martin Gooden - Personal Trainer Nottingham It’s a known fact that there are some awesome knowledgeable personal trainers and strength coaches out there who are good at getting their clients into awesome physical shape and Great results.

But have a thought for the 85% of Trainers that pay good money each year to get them self qualified as a fitness professional, only too then have to find other forms of employment outside of the health and fitness industry.

In my thoughts it must have something to do with not having enough clients to fuel their lifestyle, or realization that personal training is not for them, for what-ever Reason this may be.

Trust me when i say this i have seen Personal Trainers go through this and lose confidence and Jack it all in. Even my-self was in a place like this years ago until I realised that in order to survive, i would have to treat Personal Training as a business.

So I used the skills that I developed from working in one of the biggest Health and Fitness Health Chains as a Gym Manager and managing a team of Personal Trainers, and studied what successful Marketing guys do and also what successful Personal trainers around the world do, and went on many business courses, to understand the process of running a successful Fitness business.

Doing Simple things can make a big difference to you running a successful Business or doing a job.

As i said earlier Personal Trainers are good at what they do, but are terrible business people, ok then not all.

So if you can answer “Yes” to the below questions then maybe you need to do something about it.

  • Do you Struggle to increase your Revenue every three months?
  • Work long hours, and work longer hours when you need more money?
  • Need strategies to carry your fitness Business forward?
  • Need to know how to brand your business and set a good impression to prospects?
  • Need to construct a website that works for you rather than just having a site that nobody can find on the internet
  • Feel Burnt out whacked and de-motivated?


I can help you with you and your Fitness Business, so you can develop your business as Personal Training is more than just a job.

Click Here Now To Contact Me!

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