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What makes you cock sure on your Nutrition

  • Published on Thursday, 19 January 2017 11:37


This is written from an experience I had the other day with a new client and to be honest it’s NOT the first time this has happened, when I asked him to tell me about how he normally eats’ on a daily basis and what he eat and a whole heap of other questions, you see its very often that I get “oh I eat good” Oh I eat healthy” “Oh I will sort food out myself” “Oh I know what I am doing” in which normally the reply from me is “what are you doing here then” or So “why hire me then” if you know what you’re doing, know how you should be eating? and when you chip away at the onion even more, you will probably find that in fact, the information that they are telling you is based on not themselves but more, what they have read in a magazine, what a friend may have told them or just have not much clue what so ever. The Thing is this is normal for not only personal trainers, Strength & Conditioning & Nutrition coaches, but also this will be understood by people who are also involved in other Industries too. So let’s Continue, Yes, so let’s get in to it:  

FIRST JAB: Here, When somebody enquires about coaching, the first thing YOU must understand, is that they would have tried to get results on their own, so this means they may have tried some nutrition protocols on their own and had a massive fail, or just didn’t land in the Bull’s eye, just couldn’t get it right, not got the desired look they wanted, just cannot pack on the muscle, Just have not got the energy or performance for their sport, Just not eating the right foods for awesome health.

RIGHT CROSS: I cannot exactly remember who said it, but “One man’s Poison is another man’s medicine” so even though you may think certain foods are awesome for you when we generalise, and may be that a certain food can be awesome for YOU, but to another person the Same food or foods may have Not had the Same effect, I remember coaching a client who for health reason’s could NOT eat Broccoli, But yet Broccoli is a super food, WTF, so we have to be looked at as individuals not as general or generic.

LEFT HOOK: so when a new client tells me they are taking the right supplements, this is cool, but when you look into what they are taking and normally why they are taking, It’s normally the “Blind Leading the blind” I am taking this because..........

  1. Ronnie Coleman takes it
  2. My best mate takes it and he is hench
  3. I seen it on the Front of Muscle & Fitness latest thing
  4. I know a woman take these “fat burning pills” and she is lean
  5. I liked the packaging, oh but did you read the ingredients that is inside it? “Oh no”


Another thing here is some newbies in the past have taken much more Supplementation than wholesome food, so bear this in mind, most people Qualified in Nutrition will tell this, that Supplementation is mainly to be taken so you are not Deficient in Vitamins & Minerals, if your daily intake of foods, don’t cover the demands of what you’re body requires, then your body will be deficient so the main source of food should come from your quality Protein, Carbohydrates, fats, and off course fruit & vegetables which contain Phyto-chemicals, & foods that you need to chew to release the enzymes needed for benefits for your body.

RIGHT UPPERCUT: So I have skimmed over just three things clients Some-times will tell you why they want to do their own thing, even though they mean well, but it ain’t going to get them what they are after. The other thing is the gym settings, a lot of people Don’t train affectively for what they actually want, weather that be for weight loss, muscle building or for performance, a lot of People HAVE no clue with this, other than following what other people are doing, who may be incidentally, doing it wrong, or giving invaluable wrong advice, when given a sound program geared towards what you want, you will see small results more or less straight away, which always motivates “individuals” to kick on to another level of progression. Another one is the Lad “who” tells you he has boxed before and seems to know everything, and after 30 seconds on the pads, he is tired and technically is NOT up to it, and when you chat to him in a heap, he will say I am NOT as good as how I used to be.

KNOCKOUT CONCLUSION: People who pay for professional advice, must be willing to take on the advice-off someone who can help them, even though, sometimes what they are asking you to do may NOT be normal, or may NOT be what you have done in the past, after all what you have done in the past may have lead you to seek Professional advice in the First “Damm” place, so Listen to your coach, inject your opinions, and action the solution from the personal trainer, Strength coach or nutrition coach. Also select your trainer or coach very wisely based on them getting the results, exeperince that you want and who they have helped in the past, Cause if the truth be known, there are a lot of None Out come based Trainers around, and unqualified trainers trading for business, so be aware and take heed

Stay Blessed

Coach Martin Gooden

How to Cook a Weight Loss & Muscle Building Meal NOW

  • Published on Tuesday, 06 October 2015 14:55


Hey for some People, getting a meal from a tin or Packaged Meal is a way of Life, and if you ask them too cook YOU a meal, they think that cooking is about the thing in the Corner of the kitchen with a Clock on it a Micro-wave, ping ping ping, Well if that’s what you call cooking, you may be missing out on a few things not only how real Food can taste, but how real & healthy foods will give you better nutrition too your body and your loved ones body too. Below is a 10 minute Video of me cooking a “Simple Cooks for Leaner looks” Meal, That not only tasted amazing, but has essential and valuable macro-nutrients too my body too. I always like to encourage anyone who comes into contact with me too cook foods from scratch, and Learn to feel good taste by using the Right Seasoning, herbs and spices, People will say they have NOT got time to Cook, or don’t know how too, I feel this is a cop out, as it don’t take much to Learn. The thing is this too, cooking from a cook book is a good thing, But once you start evaluating Taste etc, you will find out a way through the use of seasoning, through the use of measure, through the use of timing, how you know something tastes good when you cook, as you also have to remember, what tastes good too you might not too someone else. So watch the Video Give it a Try, and also Remember my Cook book is still available from as a Hard copy or Download if you want a cookbook full of ideas that will have you losing weight & Body fat, and having you having enough energy to Run a Marathon or do championship rounds with “Iron Mike Tyson”  

The Simple cooks for leaner looks website will be ready for 2016, of which will feature UK Chef Simon Read and will be delivery helpful Tips, Recipes and whole lot more, too get fuel your body enjoying food.

Martin “Belly Full” Gooden

My Fav 3 Vegetables & Fruit for Health and Why?

  • Published on Monday, 18 November 2013 11:46

My favourite Three Fruit/Vegetables for health & why?

The Government have given us guidelines as to eating fives

Pieces of fruit per day, as part of their way of getting Mr & Mrs

average to consume and eat more vegetables & fruit, but the

Government have still got it extremely wrong, the reason I say

This is that I still get people, saying I get my "five a day" and

When I ask what five a day are you, going to eat, or have you

Eaten, some eat five bananas, some five apples,five oranges

And believe this is right because they have eaten five pieces of

Fruit and vegetables, there are two other things that I would

Question about the individual as to whether they would get

Full benefit from the so called "five a day" I will explain


Current state of health

So as an example it's not much point eating "five pieces a day"

Then eating loads of junkie food, and exercising little, smoking

ten a day then expecting Your body to get the full benefits of eating

An anti-oxidant food like Broccoli is it? Would you drink beer before

You run,then expect to be hydrated while running? “Ya dam right”

Also some fruit and vegetables have different properties in them that

Has different benefits to your health, so what I am saying here is if you

Have a major or minor health issue, there are a combination of fruits

Or vegetables that can help you, again depending on your lifestyle,

So just like an identical twin, they don't say the same thing at the same

Time, or go toilet at he same time, and wear the same clothes, when

They HIT the point when mother don't dress them anymore. You getting

the drift?

I have done a list below of my favourite 3 likeable vegetables for health

and Why, as this also needs to be answered in order for you to understand

That fruit & vegetables also has different properties than can improve

Health & maintain health also, I will at a later date list some more, so lets

Fire away.


Broccoli: most people know that broccoli is high in anti-cancer properties

These include quercetin, betacarotene also vitamin C, broccoli has been

Good for people fighting against lung, colon & breast cancer, great for

Removing estrogen from the body, a great cholesterol reducer, also

Contains chromium which helps regulate insulin and blood sugar. The best

Option is to steam or eat Raw.


Kale: is a super food, it's a great source of calcium and also magnesium,

Have you realised its high in calcium and there is no milk here, it also

Contains some of the essential amino acids, kale has twice as much

Betacarotene as "pop eye" spinach, there is another thing it contains

Chlorophyll which  a well  known anti-cancer  agent, it is known to

Lower rates of bowel prostate and bladder cancer. I love kale.


Blueberries: I love blueberries are normally top of my fruit list, not

Only do they taste great, I love snacking on them, they are brilliant

For your health for a lot of reasons, are you ready, this can be long

Are you ready, they are said to have the highest antioxidant capacity

Of all fresh fruit, as they are rich in all sorts of vitamins and minerals,

Great for anti-ageing if organic they will neutralises free radicals

Which affect ageing in the body, great for ageless old warriors like me,

Can aid in reducing belly fat,as helps with insulin and glucose control.

Helps with your vision, brain health, helps fight cancer I could got on

and on about the benefits of blue berries.


Guys please don't get blueberries juice in a box with natural raw

Blueberries twisted the juice in a box is more than likely to be laced

With sugar

So these are my favourite not only for health but taste too, yeah I

Love the taste of broccoli & kale too.


Martin Gooden




How to Cook a healthy Snack in 35 minutes

  • Published on Monday, 19 August 2013 09:43

How to cook a Simple Healthy Snack in 30-40 Minute

(Showed in 5 Minutes of course)

"Get in the Kitchen and Cook Reduce your Processed Foods intake"


Give it a Try !!!!

Coach Martin "Love Food" Gooden

How to make a Awesome Blueberry Protein & Health Shake

  • Published on Sunday, 12 February 2012 22:38




For those that are my current coaching clients or my CPT Boxing fit-camp clients will be familiar with this of the many shakes that I ask you to take at certain times, alongside your Nutrition food plan. Well now you can give it a go, take it as a matter of convenience so if taken at mid morning, mid afternoon or even as a post immediate workout shake before you eat your wholesome meal,

It’s easy to make and mix, all that’s needed are as follows

350 mg of Rice Dream milk

125g of Organic Blueberries from Morrison’s  

A Good Quality low Carbohydrate high Protein shake, no all proteins are created equal

A sprinkle of flax seed

Optional two spoons full of organic oats


I get my Blackberries and blueberries mixed up excuse me on this


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